Mayor Walter E. Washington recently appointed two boards to deal with jobs and wages, a move that is part of the governmental reorganization that created the D.C. Department of Labor.

The mayor apponted M. Brent Oldham to lead a new 13-member Employment Security Board and Paula Jewell to head a reconstituted three-member Wage-Hour Board. Both had headed the old boards that the new bodies are replacing.

Oldham is chairman of the D.C. Board of Appeals and Review, a full-time job. Jewell is an attorney for Howard University.

The Employment Security Board replaces and expands the functions of the former Unemployment Compensation Board.

The Employment Security Board has two standing committees with six members each, one for employment matters and one for unemployment matters, including the jobless pay program. Each committee has six members who represent employers, employes and the general public. The original members will serve terms of one, two or three years.

Members of the board's employment committee are John W. Moaney and Emoly H. Womach, employer representatives; Blaun E. Brewton and Cyprian Tighman, employe representatives; Blaun E. Brewton and Cyprian Tilghman, employe representatives; Carol Hobson Smith and Louis Reyes, public representatives.

The board's unemployment committee is comprised of Carl Longley and Edward Austin, employer representatives; Arline Neal and Lillian Huff, employe representatives; Peggy Griffith and Barbara Lett Simmons, public representatives.

The new Wage-Hour Board results from a splitting of the former Minimum Wage and Industrial Safety Board. The names of members of a new seven-member Occupational Safety and Health Board will be announced later.

Jewell chaired and was the public representative on the former board. Joseph A. Beavers was reappointed as the Wage-Hour Board's employe representative, and David W. Wilmot was selected as the new employer representative.

Action on a fact-finding committee's proposal to raise the minimum wage for household workers from $2.65 an hour to $3.50 was delayed because of the reorganizatio. A public hearing will be scheduled for October on the proposal.