Less than a month ago 57-year-old Eva Lena Chenault was poor, sick and alone and in danger of being evicted from her Springfield apartment with no place to go.

A former country and western singer with a host of disabilities including blindness, gout, emphysema and heart disease, Chenault was told that she must find a live-in companion in order to continue receiving a federal subsidy that pays most of her rent.

Since her story was reported in the Aug. 23 editions of The Washington Post, Chenault has found a companion and been told by her landlord and Fairfax County housing officials that her subsidy and lease are being renewed.

"This is really a blessing for both of us," said Lori Sponsel, 19, who has moved in with Chenault and will pay about $100 of the $250 per month rent. "She needed somebody and I needed a place to live and we're both country and western singers."

Chenault's attorney, Roger Amole of Alexandria, said she has received about $1,300 in donations for Chenault, including $1,000 check from a famous Hollywood singer who requested anonymity.

"I turned it over to the hands of God" Chenault said yesterday. "I'm so happy things have worked out."