President Carter will nominate Carin A. Clauss, solicitor of the Department of Labor, to be a U.S. District judge here, replacing Howard Corcoran, the White House announced yesterday.

Clauss, 39, is a graduate of Columbia Law School and worked as a civil service employe for 14 years before being appointed to the Labor Department's top legal position in March 1977.

Clauss had been recommended for the appointment, along with others, by the D.C. Judicial Screening Commission. Such commissions were set up by Carter in each federal judicial district to screen judicial candidates and recommend qualified persons.

The American Bar Association panel that reviews judicial appointments, however, reportedly rejected Clauss because she lacked trial experience. Clauss conceded a lack of trial experience but assured it would not hamper her as a judge. Clauss said in a recent interview that she had extensive supervisory experience in both trial and appellate work in the Labor Department, where she supervises a staff of 50 lawyers.

She said in the interview that she indeed had gained trial experience from extensive reading of trial records in preparing appellate arguments.

President Carter has one more vacancy to fill in the District Court here, appointing a successor to the late U.S. District Judge Joseph C. Waddy.

Judge Corcoran assumed senior judge status earlier this year.