Frankly speaking, the Little Theatre of Alexandria's production of "Relatively Speaking," which opened last weekend, is fine. The sets are beautifully done and the acting is excellent, with exceptional performances by Frank Cummings as Phillip and Linda howard as Ginny.

Unfortunately, the play itself is relatively absurd. Alan Ayckbourn's two-act comedy of mistaken identities requires the audience to believe a bit too much.

The far-fetched plot goes something like this: Greg (Richard E. Murphy) and Ginny have been living together in her London flat for a month when she decides, she tells Greg, to go to her parents' house for a visit. She is in fact going to the country home of her previous lover Phillip to break off with him.

Greg decides to surprise Ginny by showing up at her parents' (lover's) house. Phillip's wife Sheila (Joyce Polk) knows nothing about Ginny's affair with her husband.

Take it from there. Sheila can't figure out who these two strangers are, or why they have shown up. Ginny is fearful of the truth being discovered by Greg. Greg continues to believe these two people are Ginny's parents and Phillip, 20 years Ginny's elder, grows older and paler each moment of the visit.

If you can buy all that, by all means, go see the play. LTA's cast he done as much as anyone can with it. If you can't buy it . . . I'm with you.