Two babies, each less than a year old, were abandoned yesterday in the Northeast area of the District of Columbia.

A young mother abandoned her healthy, 8-month-old baby girl in the bathroom of a Northeast Episcopal church yesterday morning. The mother also left a note asking that someone care for the infant.

Several hours earlier, seven blocks away, a woman said a trio of teenagers thrust a 2-month-old baby girl into her arms - a child her daughter had apparently been caring for.

Both infants were placed in the custody's of the city's Department of Human Resources while police and social their mothers.

Carl Diggs, a sexton at the Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church, 820 6th St. N.E. said he found the older infant a few minutes after a young woman, who police believe is the mother, had asked permission to use the church's restroom.

"She took so long, I went back and knocked on the door," Diggs said. "When I got no answer I looked inside and saw the baby, he recalled.

The baby was dressed in a red-and-white sunsuit with a clown's face on the front, a white sweater and new white shoes. A full bottle of milk and the handwritten note were found alongside her, police said.

According to Diggs, the note said, "To whom it may concern, I love this baby, but my parents hate me and the baby. Please take care of this baby."

In the second case, Lorraine Coates, 47, of 1232 Wylie St. NE, said that late Tuesday night three teen-agers walked up to her near her home and placed a baby girl in her arms and a shopping bag containing infant's dirty clothes and unwashed bottles at her feet.

Coates said she had been told earlier in the day that her 17-year-old daughter, who no longer lives at home, was caring for the baby of a friend and she assumed the child she received was that baby.

Throughout the day, officials at the division of protective services of DHR said they could release no information on the child on orders from David M. Cobb and Michael J. Dowd Jr., of the corporation counsel's office. Cobb and Dowd told a reporter they had no knowledge of the case.