The city's unionized hotel workers overwhelmingly accepted yesterday a three-year contract that their leaders said would cost Washington's major hotels $29 million in employe wages and benefits.

About 1,200 maids, doormen, waiters and waitresses stood in the ballroom of the International Inn to approve the contract, which includes free meals for all workers, an eye care program and a legal program to handle any type of legal problems for them and their families.

Representatives of Local 25 of the Hotel & Restaurant Employees Union and the 39-member Hotel Association of Washington, D.C., agreed on the new contract at dawn Sunday after 45 hours of continuous negotiations.

The Washington Post incorrectly reported Monday that maids will receive a $54 weekly raise during the length of the contract. The correct figure is $46.

The maids and other employes who do not receive tips will receive an additional $15 a week during the first year of the contract and $14 in each of the other two years. Maids also will receive a week to equalize their pay with that of housemen who perform similar chores, Richardson said.

Employes who do receive tips will be given a $9 a week raise in each year of the contract, Richardson said.