The Prince George's County Council passed a resolution this week allowing the town of Colmar Manor to build a Burger King restaurant as part of the town's urban renewal project.

In permitting the fast-food restaurant, the council amended an ordinance that restricts construction of such restaurants in certain areas, including Colmar Manor. The amendment allows Colmar Manor to proceed with a redevelopment project on Bladensburg Road, which will include a new town hall, office building, bank building, a small food store and the fast-food restaurant. The development is part of a 10-year plan to revitalize the Bladensburg Road area.

"This will ensure the general welfare of the residents in the area," George Beauchamp, Colmar Manor city administrator, said at a public hearing before the final council vote. "We will retain the ownership of the land and make this an eye-pleasing gateway to Colmar Manor."

Although the County Council now is in the midst of litigation concerning its attempt to prevent the construction of a fast-food restaurant in Riverdale (Page 9), it approved the Colmar Manor plan, council member William B. Amonett said, "because we felt it will be a beautiful facility and, besides, the people want it. There will be a lot of hamburgers sold out of there that people in Colmar Manor will eat."

Beauchamp, Colmar Manor Mayor Edward Mutchler and developer Edward Brooks testified at the public hearing that the fast-food restaurant would be a "significant improvement" for the town.

The redevelopment of the business district along Bladensburg Road from the District line to Bladensburg, is the last phase of a $15-million rehabilitation project in Colmar Manor.

Using grants and loans from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the town has repaved streets, rebuilt sidewalks and curbs and refurbished about 60 percent of its 400 homes.

The town also has used federal funds to buy most of the strip of empty lots and boarded-up buildings along Bladensburg Road where the new development will be. The Burger King, Brooks said, is an integral part of the development.