A 28-year-old Camp Springs man was shot to death by a Charles County sheriff's deputy Saturday during a struggle outside a house in the Waldorf area, the sheriff's department said.

Patrolman Wayne Colbert shot the man, John Richard Buckley, twice after Buckley allegedly attacked another patrolman, Edward Schnaebele, with a razor, a sheriff's department spokesman said. The razor was mounted on a knife handle.

Both officers have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation of the incident, the spokesman said.

Sheriff's deputys were called to the home, in the 2600 block of Hamilton Place in St. Charles City, an unincorporated area near Waldorf, by neighbors who heard Buckley arguing with a woman who lives in the house, Lt. David Fuller said.

When officers Colbert and Schnaebele arrived, they were confronted by Buckley, who allegedly ran to his cra, took the weapon from the trunk, and began charging at the officers, the sheriff's department said.

Colbert fired once at the man as he charged toward the officers, sheriffs said, but the man attacked Schnaebele and cut him on the hand. Colbert then fired a second shot and Buckley fell, wounded in the head and chest, according to the sheriff's department.