Six of the seven members of the new D.C. Occupational Safety and Health Board were sworn in last week after their appointment by Mayor Walter E. Washington.

The board was set up to work with the city's new Labor Department in setting standards for work places. It was split off from the former Minimum Wage and Industry Safety Board in a recent government reorganization.

Heading the new board is Patricia M. Worthy, a lawyer who is a deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. She represents the public interest on the board.

Management members of the board are Sanford Bomstein, James E. Nichols and Jerrily R. Kress. Labor members are Susan Holleran and William A. Saunders Jr., with another member still to be selected.

Other recent appointments by the mayor included:

Isabelle L. Gable and David C. Becker, to the Mayor's Committee on the Handicapped.

Sarah Collins Casey and Nicholas H. Zumas, both lawyers and professional arbitrators, to the D.C. Board of Labor Relations, which settles labor disputes, within the city government.

Louise Hutchinson and Lillian Wiggins, to the D.C. Commission on the Status of Women (soon to be renamed as the Commission for Women.) Reappointed to the commission were Carolyn B. Lewis, Mary Draper Janney, Alice Clark Gaines and Alice Hunter.