"What is your opinion of President Carter's Civil Service Reform Bill?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to L'Enfant Plaza to ask federal employes their views. Bert Mason, 33, Arnold, Md: "I think in concept it is a good idea to provide management with better control over employment. It does open the potential for abuse, but it is my understanding that amendments have been made to limit that potential." Shirl Fairley, 44, Silver Spring, Md: "My opinion is negative because I don't think federal employes have been given enough chance to input into the situation. Everywhere you go people say federal government employes don't work hard. I, for one, work hard, and I think those who don't are underemployed, with their education and ability not tapped at all." Steve Sprague, 34, Annandale, Va: "The major publicity seems to be given to the hiring and firing provisions. I think that the provisions came out fairly well and employe rights area adequately safeguarded.I was a little disappointed that the Hatch Act Provision didn't get on." Carolyn Clayton, 31, Keefer Place and Georgia Avenue NW: "I feel like the federal government shouldn't fire people easily because they don't have people in authority that qualify to judge other people. A lot of favoritism is shown, and they might fire people because they like one person better than another, because one person dresses better or goes out for cocktails." Gladys Jones, Irving and Hamlin streets NE: "I don't like it because I really think the little fellow is going to suffer." Robert Gould, 25, Oxon Hill, Md: "I think it can improve the hiring and firing system. If you knew you'd get in trouble for nonproduction, you'd be a much better employe. But I'm not yet in favor of it because we don't have a complete picture yet of what will be in it." Done Bischoff, 35, Dunkirk, Md: "Anything that would get some of the dead wood out of government, I'm in favor of."