Metro bus riders on the Anacostia and Congress Heights lines can expect shorter waiting times for buses, better service and additional shuttle service downtown next month, according to Metro officials.

The improved service, which goes into effect Nov. 19, was prompted by citizen compalints and a formal request from the D.C. Department of Transportation.

Ray Russell, a Metro planner, said, "Instead of 8 1/2 trips an hours, bus drivers will make 12 trips and reduce the midday waiting time from seven to five minutes."

The improvements, accoridng to Russell, the improvements will mean the addition of routs in the Anaocstia Congress Heights areasat a cost of approximately $200,000.

Russell said Metro officials also plan to extend the existing Wheeler Road shuttle service downtown, which will increase the frequency of service along Wheeler Road.

Additionally, he said, the current bus route - which serves the Junior Village-bellevue-Fort Drum areas and now have service from only one bus - will be split so that both Junio Village and Bellevue-Fort Drum will each have a bus to carry passengers to and from the downtown area.

According to Russell, Metro officials investigated the complaints of riders in the Anacostia-Congress Heights areas and discovered that several times during the nonpeak periods there were more passengers than seats.

"This exceeded our loading standards and the investigators recommended that we improve service to the area," Russell said.

According to a Metro report, the Anacostia-Congress Heights areas have recently received only minor service improvements during rush hour, most of which have fed into the current Metrorail system, which now ends at the Stadium-Armory station.

The report said Metrorail service will not be extended to the Anacostia-Congress Heights area until 1983.

Russell said the Metro board, which approved these improvements for the Anacostia-Congress Heights areas last week, is considering making additional improvements for the U Street-Carfield line next spring.