A Northern Virginia man convicted earlier in an unrelated bingo case yesterday pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge that he helped run illegal bingo activities on behalf of a small Alexandria church.

Alexandria Circuit Court Judge Willey Wright fined John Michael Keator $200 and suspended a 60-day jail term on condition that Keator maintain good behavior and abstain from bingo and gambling activities.

Keator allegedly assisted in bingo operations from Jan. 26 to May 7 this year in the name of St. Paul's Pentecoastal Church, a 52-member congregation. He was convicted last June of running illegal bingo games for the Bucknell Football and Basketball Association.

Virginia law requires that bingo games must be conducted by unpaid volunteers of bona fide charitable organizations.

In a related case yesterday, the lawyer for Alva Ford Thompson, a bingo operator indicted in connection with the St. Paul's games, sought permission in a legal motion to cross-examine undercover police officer Kathleen Bralove about the "truthfulness" of an affidavit used to indict Thompson.

Attorney T. Brooke Howard contended that a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowed such questioning. Circuit Court Judge Franklin P. Backus took the argument under advisement.