"Most people don't understand the function or nature of the school or the superintendent. What you really develop is a very close relationship where the chemistry between six adults has to be good. Whether I'm an errand boy or dominate the board is irrelevant. The larger issue is whether the board and the superintendent work together to improve the schools. What happens when they don't ruins a school system."

"There has been no specific innovation that I've brough to the county. I don't think a superintendent should say this book or that method is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I feel good about the traditional school - it's a continuation of the notion of diversity. But I do not want ownership of any one instructional method."

"The (tension between the school and county government) stems from the competition for the dollar in a community that has profoundly changed.Parents are an increasingly small percentage of the electorate. Schools are the single most important sevice to the vitality of the community. Sure you can have a very low tax rate, a lousy school system and very few kids, but what kind of community would you have?"