Guidelines for development of areas around the 12 Metro subway stations in Montgomery County have been adopted by the county planning board and County Council after 10 years of study.

Montgomery County is the first area jurisdiction to adopt such plans for all of its subway stops.

There is a separate plan for each of the 12 stations. Some call for new, high-intensity development creating high-rise urban centers. Others seek to restrict development and preserve residential neighborhoods. And some provide for both development and preservation.

At present, the Silver Spring station, on the line that will eventually lead to Glenmont, is the only Metro station open in Montgomery County. Station plans along that line include Takoma Park (which is adjacent to the Takoma station in the District of Columbia), Silver Spring, Forest Glen, Wheaton and Glenmont. The line to Glenmont is not expected to be completed for another 10 years.

The planning board approved plans for six station areas along the Rockville line, which is scheduled to extend to Shady Grove in the early 1980s. The stations on the Rockville Heights, Bethesda, Medical Center (National Inssitutes of Health), Grosvenor, Nicholson Lane, Twinbrook, Rockville and Shady Grove. (There is no formal plan for the NIH station because it will merely be blended into the federal complex grounds. The City of Rockville has jurisdiction over areas around the Rockville station.)

Symopses of the proposals, known as sector plans, for each area along the line to Glenmont appear below.Summations for the station area sector plans for the line to Shady Grove appeared in last week's edition of The Weekly.