A 27-year-old Adelphi man has been arrested and charged with murdering his next-door neighbor, a 22-year-old woman who was a senior at the University of Maryland, Prince George's County police said yesterday.

Polcie said the partially clad body of Marianne Catherine Lorenz of 1808 Metzerott Rd., Apartment 44, was found by a neighbor in some bushes next to her apartment building about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday.

According to police, Francis C. Burroughs, a Metro employe who lived next door to Lorenz in Apartment 43, is being held without bond in connection with Lorenz's death.

Police said witnesses told them Burroughs and Lorenz knew each other casually, and were seen talking in the hall and then going into Burroughs' apartment Tuesday evening.

Police, who said witnesses heard shouting after the two entered the apartment, alleged that a struggle ensued and that Lorenz was choked to death. Her body was then thrown from the apartment balcony into the bushes, police said.

Lorenz was pronounced dead on the scene, police said, and her body was taken to the state medical examiner's office in Baltimore for an autopsy to determine the cause of her death.