Baltimore police are investigating the mysterious disappearnce and death of a 34-year-old Northwest Washington women whose partially-clad body was found floating Wednesday in a creek off Baltimore harbour.

Diane Johnson Slack of 2020 F St. NW was reported missing by her husband, police said, after the two became separated during a weekend trip to New York. David Slack said he last saw his wife at the Maryland House restaurant on northbound Interstate Rite, 95 near Aberdeen Saturday afternoon.

Slack said he and his wife had a dispute while on the way to New York with a friend, and his wife had remained at the Maryland House while he went on to New York.

State police said they began an extensive search for the woman Sunday after her husband returned from New York to find that she had not returned to their apartment or called relatives.

The woman was not found, however, until a passenger in an auto spotted her body floating in Colgate Creek near the Baltimore harbor shortly afternoon Wednesday, police said. At the time of her disappearance. Slack was wearing a red T-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, and was carrying a handbag. Police said the shirt, handbag and one shoe were missing when her body was recovered.

State police said yesterday that Slack had probably been dead about three days when she was found. There were no signs on her body indicating a violent struggle, and police believe she may have drowned.