It all started Saturday night when Tim Baltfer's 21st Birthday party in Herndon was abruptly interrupted by had overturned about three miles away in Herndon. Most of the party celebrants went to rescue.

Much later that night Tim Baltzer found himself sitting in the drunk tank at the Herndon city jail. For company, he had his sister's boyfriend, Don Hancock, a fellow party-goer.

Then in the early hours of Sunday morning , he was joined first by his father. Burton Baltzer, who had come to get his son out of jail, and then by his brother, Scotty, who had come to get both men out.

The arrests stemmed from a brouhaha between police and Baltzer family members and friends at the scene of the Herndon accident according to members and friends of that family-Repeated efforts to get the police version of the incident were unsuccessful.

Herndon City Police would confirm yesterday only that five persons had been arrested and detained overnight but said they would not make any further comment until full reports had been filed Monday. The county jail confirmed the presence overnight and release of at least four of the five people involved, but said they had only one Burton Baltzer on their arrest book.

(Tim Balteor's legal name is Burton Balteer III; his father is Burton Balteer II.)

It was almost midnight when Tim Baltzer, his father and his father-in-law. Otto Pusch, reached the accident at the corners of Dranesville and Worchester roads. By then, police already had removed the driver. David Deal from the vehicle, according to Pusch and were cordoning off the area.

Deal's mother, Fanny Deal, said yesterday her son had suffered two broken ribs and multiple cuts and injuries in the accident.)

"My son-in-law didn't realize Deal was out," Pusch said yesterday, so Tim Baltzer approached the truck to help his friend, only to be warned away by an officer. Then, Baltzer familiy members say, things got rough.

According to Pusch and Burton Baltzer II after police officers warned Tim Baltzer away from the truck they started to beat him with billycubs. Pusch and the senior Baltzer intervened, but Tim Baltzer was arrested, handcuffed and taken to jail.

Then Diane Baltzer, Tim's sister, who works as a clerk at Giant Foods, allegedly was struck by a police officer according to Tim Baltzer. Her boy-friend, Donal Hancock, intervened, was arrested, and also taken to the city jail.

About an hour later, Burton Baltzer III, who lays lineleum and tile for a living, went down to the jailhouse "to bond my son out." When he arrived, he said yesterday, the police told him with disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, back at the Deals' house at 658 Calhoun Ct., where the party had been held, three Herndon city police officers had appeared in response, according to Fanny Deal and her daughter-in-law Diane Deal, to what the police said were neighbors' complaints about noise.

Scotty Baltzer, 19, seized this opportunity to inform the police that "it took a real low man" to hit his sister Diane with a blackjack. "I offered to kick his tail," Baltzer recalled yesterday.

That was a mistake.Because when Scotty arrived some time later at the Herdon City Police department to inquire about his brother and his now missing father, he too, was handcuffed and arrested. All three Baltzers said they were charged with disorderly conduct, but police would not confirm this.

Family friend Pam Edmonds, who had come to the police station with Scotty Baltzer to inquire about her husband Lee Power, a construction worker who had been riding in the overturned pick-up truck. The police also arrested her and charged her with disorderly conduct, an event which has her friends mystified.

"She never touched anyone at the accident. She wasn't even there," her friend, Diane Deal said.