he District of Columbia commission that licenses and disciplines physicians has decided not to take any action against former White House drug policy adviser Peter G. Bourne, who admitted using a fictitious name on a prescription he wrote for Quauldes for a member of his staff!

Rep. Paul Findley (R-ILL.) wrote the Commission on Licensure to Practice the Healing Art Sept. 20 asking the commission to investigate the Bourne matter. The U.S. attorney's office here and authorities in Virgina, where the prescription was presented to a druggist, had already decided against taking any action in the matter.

A source close to the commission said the group also had already considered Bourne's cases earlier in September and decided, on the basis of evidence gathered by Virginia authorities, to let it drop. The source said Findley was being informed of the commission decision by letter.

Findley could not be reached for comment yesterday.

The source went on to say that Bourne, a psychiatrist who resigned from the White House staff July 20, following newspaper stories about the incident and about his alleged use of cocaine at a party last year, would be monitored closely if he went into practice in the city.