Two venerable Montgomery County theater groups, the Montgomery Players and the KG Players, have combined talents and resources for the current three-cycle production of Preston Jones' "A Texas Trilogy." The second play of the trilogy. "Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander," was presented recently at the Playhouse in Gaithersburg.

Each play in the trilogy stands by itself. All take place in Bradleyville, west Texas. They depicit in the lives of ordinary people the ebb and flow of hopes and dreams as time pushes on from age to age, generation to generation. "Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander" has few surprises. Its strength lies in the way its tragic underpinnings are padded with acute and humorous observations of the human condition and in the author's genuine respect for his characters.

The overall production was convincing with solid performances by Jane Squier as Lu Ann and David Teeple in the bit part of Red Grover. Some of the actors had inconsistent accents (west Texas is not Georgia), and there were occasional inappropriate and awkward gestures and body movements. The costumes were appropriate and the sets excellent.

The trilogy will continue through Nov. 4. The plays are uniquely American dramatic expressions of universal human experiences. An evening with Preston Jones and the KG and Montgomery Players is an evening well spent.