Republican candidate Arthur A. Fletcher will be listed at the top of the mayoral candidates on the Nov. 7 general election ballot as the result of a drawing held yesterday by the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics.

Marion Barry, the Democratic candidate, won the last position among the five names of mayoral aspirants to be listed on the ballot.

No. 2 on the mayoral listing will be Glova A. Scott, an independent. Spot No. 3 will be reserved for a Statehood Party nominee, yet to the certified from among names written in at the Sept. 12 primary election. Spot No. 4 will go to Susan Pennington, the U.S. Labor Party candidate.

In the race for delegate to Congress, which is the office listed first on the ballot, the top name will be Gregory A. Rowe of the Stetehood Party. Others, in order, will be: Cloid J. Green, U.S. Labor; Charlotte Reavis, Workers Party; Walter E. Fauntroy, Incumbent Democrat, and a Republican nominee, not yet certified.

The orders for other races will be:

City Council chairman - Bruce director, U.S. Labor; Republican nominee, not yet certified; Statehood Party nominee, not yet certified, and Arrington Dixon, Democrat.

City Council at large (two to be elected) - Hilda Mason, incumbent, Statehood Party; Stuart Rosenblatt, U.S. Labor; Betty Ann Kane, Democrat; Republican nominee, not yet certified, and Warren A. Hemphill Sr., independent.

City Council Ward 1 - Antonio Grillo, Socialist Labor; Republican nominee, not yet certified; David A. Clarke, incumbent, Democrat; Statehood Party Nominee, not yet certified, and Suzanne Klebe, U.S. Labor.

City Counci Ward 3 - Polly Shackleton, incumbent, Democrat; Mark W. Looney, Statehood, and Alexander W. Cartner, Republican.

City Council Ward 5 - Steven Abel, Statehood; Jonathan M. Owens, independent; William R. Spaulding, incumbent, Democrat, and Republican candidate, probably Herman Cobb Jr.

City Council, Ward 6 - Nadine P. Winter, incumbent, Democrat; Sonny Better, independent; Charlotte Holmes, independent; Republican candidate, probably Julie M. Servaites, and Anton V. Wood, Statehood.