The Prince George's County Executive recommended yesterday that the county's three representatives on the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission "take no action" at the WSSC's meeting today "that will cause an increase in the (sewer connection) rates for present home owners."

Executive Winfield M. Kelly made the recommendation after county officials met with representatives of the WSSC, which provides sewer and water service to Prince George's and Montgomery counties.

WSSC general manager Robert S. McGarry has proposed elevating the sewer hook-up charge to $1,525 instead of the present $1,095 for existing homes. The proposal is supported by Montgomery County's WSSC representatives, who have accused Kelly and Prince George's County Council members of trying to hold up rate increases for political reasons until after next month's elections.

Consideration of the proposed increase had to be postponed at the board's meeting Oct. 4 because the Prince George's representatives failed to show up. McGarry said that the WSSC loses $40,000 every week the new charges are imposed.

The higher rates, based on what the WSSC says is the actual cost of hooking up lines to the sewer system, would raise the amount paid by new home owners in built-up areas to $4,150 from $1,095, while new houses in undeveloped areas would pay $1,100, a $5 increase.