Ed Haynes, former bellboy, former clerk, former delivery boy for a Chinese grocery, former movie theater projectionist and former Army sergeant, became a former laundromat operator this month.

Haynes was forced to close his popular Connecticut Avenue laundromat, he explained in a letter posted to his faithful customers, not because he wanted to, but because the building was sold and the new owner didn't want a laundry on his property.

Haynes said he found it "impossible" to relocate his laundromat in Washington.

"I just can't afford Washington. That's what it boils down to," Haynes said. "I feel close to my customers. It was like a family."

His feelings were expressed in a poignant farewell letter:

"Perhaps we should keep in mind that material objects are never possessed forever only for a short span of time>" Haynes wrote. ". . . There were owners and tenants before we came. And now it's time for us to give way to the new owners and tenants.

"Possibly, your children or grandchildren will be owners and tenants in the future. Simply put, this is called "CHANGE" and let's not try to change that. Let each new generation have their own set of good old days and places if possible."