A middle-rank Central Intelligence Agency official was shot to death early yesterday as he slept at his McLean home.His 19-year-old son turned himself in to Fairfax County police shortly afterward.

Charged with the predawn shooting was Roger B. Judkins, a Langley High School dropout who was described yesterday by neighbors as shy and reserved. The victim was Newall R. Judkins, 48, of 6920 Hickory Hill Rd.

Judkins, a former State Department employe, was a Latin American specialist for the CIA.

His son was being held on $25,000 bond at the Fairfax County jail after surrendering to county police in McLean around 5 a.m., a police spokeswoman said.

The youth is scheduled to be arraigned this morning in Fairfax General District Court before Judge J. Grove Mason.

Police said that Judkins, apparently rose before 4:30 a.m. yesterday and walked into his parents, bedroom where he shot his sleeping father with a small handgun. The weapon was described by a family friend, Burdell Merrell, as a 22 caliber pistol, which the victim kept locked in a closet.

Police said Judkins voluntarily turned himself in after his mother Joan reported the shooting to police.

Roger Judkins was described by Merrell and other residents of the middle-income suburb as a retiring youth with shoulder-length brown hair who dropped out of Langley High School about a year ago. Judkins, who neighbors said usually drove an older model car, kept busy, according to Merrell, doing odd jobs around the community and attended vocational classes at night.

"He had some problems with his health and he was not supposed to strain himself," Merrell said.

The Judkins family was described yesterday by neighbors acquainted with them as closely knit, being tied together by their membership in the Mormon church.

"Everything I know about them is tops, they are lovely people," said Mrs. G. M. Allen of 6916 Hickory Hill Ave.

Another neighbor, David Clarke, said he family which includes two daughters and three sons, had participated in building the tan brick split-level home at the end of Hickory Hill Road where they had lived for the past two years.

The victim, Newell Judkins, served as a Foreign Service Officer in the State Department for 15 years before resigning in 1975 to go to work for the CIA.

A CIA spokesman, Dale Peterson, yesterday refused to say what Judkins' work had been except that it concentrated on Lati American affairs.

That apparently was also his specialty at the State Department where he served successively as a political officer in Guatemala, a consular official in Bolivia and as an economic commercial officer in Mexico City, a State Department spokesman, Sanford Watzman, said yesterday.

Besides Roger, Judkins had two daughters, Alicia, 24 and Catherine, 18, and two sons, Ronald, 17 and Michael, 16.

Funeral services have been set for this Saturday.