The Prince George's County Board of Education has voted to study 17 junior high schools this fall for possible closing due to declining enrollments.

Earlier this month, the school board approved a list of 82 elementary schools to be studied for possible shutdown. Last year the board closed 10 elementary schools in an effort to utilize classroom facilities better.

The study of possible junior high school closings will be directed at three areas. Each area includes a cluster of schools with a collective enrollment projected to be less than 80 percent of capacity by 1980. Superintendent Edward J. Feeney was instructed to draw up a list of possible members for community task forces to study the schools in each area.

Task forces for both elementary and junior high schools will be composed of a PTA official, two parents and a citizen without school-aged children from each school in the study area. The principal and a faculty member from each school and a member of the school district planning staff will sit on the task forces as nonvoting members.

All three junior high school task forces will begin work Nov. 1 and will recommend to the board by Jan. 15 which schools, if any, in their areas should be closed due to declining enrollment.

The junior high study plan adopted by the board last week was a revised proposal that included five schools not originally targeted for study by Feeney's staff.

The revisions followed the same guidelines as a compromise plan earlier this month for the possible closing of elementary schools. In that plan, the study group areas were redefined to include schools not listed in Feeney's proposal, and other schools were eliminated from consideration because they had been renovated or built during the past five years.

The junior highs added to the list for possible closing include Charles Carroll, Glenridge, Kenmoor, Kent and Mary Bethune.

There are still several junior high schools in the county with enrollments of less than 80 percent of capacity that will not be considered for closing, however. They were excluded because of the board decision to close schools only in areas where a cluster of underenrolled schools exists.

The board also voted last week to certify appointments to the 12 elementary school community task forces drawn up by Feeney's staff since board approval of the elementary school study plan Sept. 25.

The elementary school groups will be expanded to add citizens without school-aged children. The board did not vote until last week to include those representatives on the task forces.

Junior high schools to be studied for closing include:

Group I-B - Buck Lodge, Greenbelt, Hyattsville, Mount Rainier, Nicholas Orem and Rollingcrest.

Group II-B - Bladensburg, Charles Carroll, Glenridge, Kenmoor, Kent, mary Bethune and William Wirt.

Group IV-B - Andrew Jackson, Benjamin Foulis, Spaulding and Suitland.