Speaking in matter-of-fact tones before a hushed courtroom, Betty M. Holler yesterday described in detail a $7,000 murder-for-hire plot in which a Fairfax County man's death was ordered by his estranged wife, using Holler as a go-between.

With the defendant, Jamie Scarborough, 44, staring at her, Holler testified that she refused a request to kill George Scarborough herself, but later enlisted two men to do the killing and passed instructions to them.

The two were told to kill Scarborough at his Franconia town house, make it" look likey they were looking for something," and do it on a Monday or Tuesday when Scarborough's 14-year-old son would not be present, Holler testified.

When she received a telephone message that "the beast is deceased," Holler said, she "dropped the phone and was hysterical" because she "didn't expect them to go through with it. I thought they were going to take the money and just go with it."

Jamie Scarborough, charged with capital murder, could receive the death penalty if convicted. Holler faces an identical charge and is scheduled for trial next Tuesday.

George Scarborough, owner of a Texaco gasoline station at 5533 backlick Rd., Springfield, was murdered as he arrived home last Jan. 31.

Two Clinton, Md., men, Charles D. Stewart, 21, and James T. Clark, 21, have been convicted of the murder and are under jury recommendations for the death penalty.

As she testified for 2 hours and 15 minutes yesterday, Holler, her hands clasped in her lap, glanced only rarely at Scarborough.

Holler said she met Jamie Scarborough on Holler's wedding day last Dec. 1, and that she and her new husband, Fouse Mojahed, were invited by a friend to Scarborough's home at 6716 Bulkley Rd., Lorton.

She later had "numerous conversations" by telephone with Scarborough, Holler testified, and was asked in early January to date George Scarborough, put barbiturates in his drink and use chloroform to kill him.

Holler said she refused, and Scarborough asked "if I could find someone else" to kill him, which Holler testified she did.

Holler said she passed a total of $7,000 to Stewart and Clark on two occasions without telling Scarborough who had killed her husband.

In opening arguments, Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney Robert F. Horan said Jamie and George Scarborough, who had been married for 26 years, separated in November 1974. In September 1977, George Scarborough filed for divorce and Jamie Scarborough later filed on grounds of adultery, he said. George Scarborough then countersued, also charging adultery, he said.

Scarborough's attorney, Guy O. Farley, yesterday told the jury of four men and eight women, "There will not be one piece of evidence to prove that Jamie had anything to do with her husband's death."