Arlington Police Chief William K. (Smokey) Stover is reorganizing his 377-member department, effective Nov. 5.

A 22-year police force veteran who became chief earlier this month, Stover, 48, has announced that the department will be divided into three - rather than four - major divisions, as was the case under former chief Roy C. McLaren. McLean resigned last August to study in England.

Under Stover's plan, the newly reorganized divisions will be Operations Services, which includes traffic control; the Services Divisions, which includes the crime resistance section, and the Major Crimes Division, formerly the Investigations Division.

In addition, Stover said that media relations, personnel, budget and research and development, formerly under the control of a fourth section called the Staff Division, will operate out of his office.

"I'm going to do it fast and let (some people) grumble, and then I want results," he said. Stover said that the reorganization would "reallocate resources in what we consider the most efficient manner."

As part of the reorganization, Lt. William Packett will be promoted to operations captain. Capt. William A. Allen, formerly head of the investigations Division, will become services chief. Capt. Lendel H. Holsclaw, former Staff Division chief, will head the Major Crimes division.

Capt. Alvin A. Fuschman, formerly chief of the Staff Division, retired recently and will not be replaced, Stover said.

"We eliminated a captain's position because I need people out on the street," Stover said. "We're looking at dollars in our budget, and this frees one (patrolman's) position. There are going to be some poeple around here who aren't happy about the change because they'd gotten too comfortable."