Charles D. Stewart, convicted of killing a Fairfax County man in a murder-for-hire plot, testified yesterday he was told that the victim's estranged wife who allegedly ordered the man killed was pleased with what had been done.

Stewart said Betty Holler, the admitted go between in the plot, told him that Jamie A. Scarborough, the wife, was pleased with everything, except for the chloroform being (left) in the house."

Stewart said he left a bottle of chloroform in the town house of George Harold Scarborough after an unsuccessful attempt to knock him out with chloroform and slit his throat. Scarborough was shot four or five times after that attempt failed, Stewart said.

Testifying at Scarborough's murder trial, Stewart said the defendant was present with Holler on two occasions when Holler gave him and James T. Clark Jr. a total of $7,000 for killing Scarborough's estranged husband.

Stewart said he and Clark were not introduced to Scarborough on those occasions.

Before a packed courtroom, Stewart said he saw Jamie Scarborough once after seeing her with Holler. He said he, Clark and three other men "rode by" Scarborough's house in mid-May and the three other men went in to try "to extort money" from her.

Stewart said he saw Scarborough leave in a car with one of the three men.

The 21-year-old Stewart said he never intended to go through with the murder-for-hire plot. "It was originally just for the front money. I was going to pay some bills with my half. We weren't going to go through with it."

Stewart was convicted of capital murder on Sept. 14 and a jury recommended for Stewart's testimony at Scarborough's trial yesterday, Commonwealth's Attorney Rober E. Horan Jr. has agreed to recommend to the judge that Stewart be given life imprisonment.

Clark also has been convicted of capital murder and a jury has recommended the death penalty.

Scarborough could receive the death penalty if convicted.

George Scarborough, who operated a Texaco gasoline station in Springfield, was killed as he entered his town house at 6541 Yadkin Ct., Franconia, last Jan. 31.

During yesterday's testimony, Stewart said Holler who also has been charged with capital murder and is awaiting trials, contacted him about killing Scarborough.