"Why don't you send your child to public school?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Craig Herndon went to the Mount Pleasant Montessori School to ask parents why they chose a private school for their children. Joan Gordon, 16th Harvard streets NW: "The school my children are assigned to is H.D. Cook, and their test scores were below the norm. I'd like to send my child to a public school, but there's no way I'd send my child to a school if the reading and math scores are so low." Carol Ann Dyer, 19th Street and Park Road NW: "I observed the public school in my neighborhood when I came here because I intended to send my child there.But I felt there was not a nurturing atmosphere in the classroom. I felt the teachers did not have sensitivity to the children." E. Romney Taylor, First and R streets NW: "Class size is too large to provide individual attention in public schools. I also believe in the Montessori system of education. A child is encouraged to pursue his interests as he discovers something - it's self-directed education." James Pettie, 13th and Crittenden streets NW: "I was in the D.C. public schools, and when I went to college I found I was not prepared for college. I want to try to do a little better by my kids, and it seems to be working." Hannah Kaiser, 17th and S streets NW: "Because they get a better education here.Also there's a good integration in this school. Public schools tend to be all white or black, and it's mixed. Plus, it's a neighborhood school."