A protest and marijuana smoke-in outside the Bethesda police station yesterday resulted in the arrest of 27 persons on charges ranging from possession of marijuana to disorderly conduct.

The demonstration outside the station at 7359 Wisconsin Ave. was organized by the Rockvile Youth International Party to protest the recent series of high school drug raids by Montgomery County police in which 256 students have been arrested.

Wearing an assortment of Halloween costumes and chanting slogans like "we like pot and we like it a lot," nearly 75 youths participated in the event. Nine of the 27 persons arrested were adults.

The first series of arrests by county police yesterday occurred shortly after 3:30 p.m. when several youths lit pipes that police said were filled with marijuana, and others were accused of disobeying a police order to clear the sidewalk.

Equipped with helmets and riot sticks, 17 county police officers then drove the protestors several blocks up Wisconsin Avenue toward Rockville. The second series of arrests began two hours later when a smaller group of demonstrators returned and protested in front of the station.

Adults charged with marijuana possession were Donald Lee Henderson, 19, 8404 N. Brook La-Bethesda and Leatrice Urbanowics. 4411 Hallest St., Rockville who also was charged with possession of a concealed weapon - a knife - and with disruptly conduct.

Charged with disorderly conduct were Rupert Randall Chappelle, 26 4411 Hallett St., Rockville Gary Lynn Elms. 18, 6402 Lone Oak Dr. Bethesda: Lyle Bradley Mondasheim, 2, 504 Leighton Pl. Silver Spring and Robert Michael Scrinkle, 22, 5468 Marlin St. Rockville.

Charged with loitering were David Emmons Clarke, 18, 5015 Overlook Rd. N.W., Kevin Lee Kirkpatrick 21, 12511 Atherton Dr. Wheaton and Ward Shortridge, 3, 6821 Broad St.