A four-month search of a man who jumped a $200,000 bond after being arrested on charges of distributing cocaine ended yesterday when Amos Steve Tinker was arrested at Providence Hospital, where he was being treated for cancer, D.C. police reported.

Fugitive detectives arrested Tinker, 49, of Takoma park, in hs fourth-floor room at the hospital, where he was registered under the name of Steve Morgan.

Tinker disappear July 6 during the second day of a hearing in Prince George's County Circuit Court regarding the admissibity of court-ordered wiretap used by police to gather evidence in his case.

Tinker and five other men were arrested by county police last Nov. 9. Tinker was charged with conspiring to violate the controlled substance act and distributing cocaine. He was released on bond supplied by State Sen. Tommie Broadwater Jr. and Albert Baltimore, a Silver Spring bondsman.

Broadwater posted $175,000 of the bond and Baltimore posted $25,000. The bondsmen were told to produce the suspect by Dec. 6 or forfeit the bond.

According to the warrant obtained for yesterday's action. Tinker has been arrested 56 times and was free on parole for federal narcotics violations at the time of his arrest last year.

Police said doctors told them that Tinker was too weak to be moved. Police said Tinker would remain under police guard at Providence until he is strong enough to be moved to the lock-up ward at D.C. General Hospital.