Candidates were asked: Ethics: Are current state ethics laws governing state employes and elected officials stringent enough? If not, how would you change them? 30th District

Edward T. Hall, 62, of 407 James Senate Office Bldg., Annapolis, is a Republican. Born in Calvert County. Attented Calvert County public schools. Attended Ottmar Mergenthaler School of Printing in Baltimore and special courses at Strayer's Business College and Polytechnic. Owner and editor of weekly newspaper. The Calvert Independent Active in volunteer fire and rescue departments, Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade. Member, County Lions Club. Married. Member of Senate since 1959. Minority leader of the Maryland Senate, 1963-1975. Member of the Legislative Council since 1963. Member of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee, the Senate Executive Nominations Commitee and the Joint Open Space Committee.

Ethics: Yes.

George M. Nutwell, 65, of 5342 Rockhold Creek Dr., Deal, is a Democrat. I have been register of wills for Anne Arundel County for the last 20 years and over that period have received more votes than any other local elected official. I have been a native of Anne Arundel County my entire life. My family has been in Maryland since the early days of the colony. I attended Anne Arundel public schools.

Ethics: No, I do not think they are stringent enough. I think one of the greatest abuses is from elected and apponted officials' use of expense accounts. House - 30A

James P. Hamill, 59, of 2813 Ridge Blvd., Huntington, is a Republican. I am a retired regular Army officer and have seen the operation of government on Capitol Hill. I have been executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, known as the Board of Trade of Calvert County. A member of the Maryland State Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee; also chairman of the County Mental Health Committee. I have observed the implementation of the legislative process from a grassroots level. My degrees are in physics, mathematics, nuclear physics and law, as well as having been director of research and engineering for the General Dynamics Corporation.

Ethics: In my opinion, they are certainly not stringent enough. There must be a singular reviewing authority capable of enforcing the highest degree of personal responsibility for public servants and elected officials.

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Thomas A. Rymer, 53, of Owings, is a Democrat. House of Delegates, 1970 to present; state's attorney for Calvert County, 1966-1970; engineering degree, Cornell University; law degree, George Washington University. Memberships include American Legion, Elks, Farms Bureau, Taxpayers' Association, Board of Trade, Veterans of Foreign Wars. President, Southern Maryland Tri-County Council. Member, House Judiciary Committee, Joint Committee on Corrections and Joint Committee on State Prosecutor. Supports slow-growth policy for South County and Calvert County; agricultural preservation legislation; tri-county lawsuit to clean up Patuxent River; protection of major highways from commercial strip zoning; job development locally.

Ethics: No. Ethics should be tightened substantially by setting up a commission on ethics to include financial disclosure enforcement; to outlaw any gifts except for meals, and establish rules and regulations concerning all situations. House - 30B

Elmer Hagner, 59, of 2511 Riva Rd., Annapolis, is a Democrat. I am a lifelong president of Anne Arundel County and was educated in Anne Arundel schools. I have taken law courses at the University of Maryland and Northwestern University, as well as attending the FBI Academy.I am a retired chief of police for Anne Arundel County and presently a member of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Delegates.

Betty C. Taussig, 57, of 206 Wardour Dr., Annapolis, is a Republican. My qualifications are director of the Severn River Association (an organization representing 35 associations on the Severn River), director of the National Military Wives Association (as organization that works for the legislative well-being of service widows and families); 20 years a supporter, director or national delegate for the Maryland Society of Crippled Children and Adults - the Easter Seal Society; past president of the Federated Republican Women's Clubs of Anne Arundel County. If I am elected I will continue my work to keep our waterways free from excessive development and free from chemicals and sewage; keep an eagle-eye on promiscuous spending (the best way to cut taxes); work for a state housing program that would allow at no cost to the state for those living in public housing who wish to own their own homes the opportunity to do so for little more than rent; work with the Economic Development Agency to attract more good businesses and create more jobs in the free enterprise system.

Ethics: The declaration laws are good. The new laws on campaign funding are good. The enforcement of existing laws leaves much to be desired.

C. Mason White, 43, of 265 Hanover St., Annapolis, is a Republican. BA, University of Alabama, journalism. Newspaper reporter for Baltimore Sun from 1967-73, including 4 1/2 years as Anne Arundel correspondent. Previously reporter for New Orleans Times Picayune and Lexington (Ky.) Leader. Have worked since 1973 in Anne Arundel Office of Community Affairs, investigating citizen problems, requests and complaints in District 30B area. The office is part of the office of the county executive. As a reporter, covered every operation of government. As a staff member of the Office of Community Affairs, I have been involved in all operations of government.

Ethics& Yes, the laws appear strong. However, the accepting of food and drinks could lead to abuses and should somewhat be watched.

Gerald W. Winegrad, 34, of 1428 Catlyn Place, Annapolis, is a Democrat. BA degree, economics, Western Maryland College, 1966; JD Degree, University of Maryland Law School, 1969. Worked way through college and law school and held a four-year athletic scholarship (football) in college. Admitted to Maryland Bar in 1969 and served as counsel to the National Wildlife Federation in Washington, D.C., working on Capitol Hill on environmental legislation. From 1970 to 1974, served as a lieutenant in the Navy's legal corps as a prosecutor, head defense counsel and military judge. From 1974 to 1978, worked on the Code Revision Commission drafting, revising and testifying on legislation before the Maryland Legislature. Lieflong Annapolis resident, very active in civic affairs. Selected Oustanding Young Annapolitan of 1976. Started the Annapolis Recycling Center; serves as lieutenant commander, Naval Reserve; vice chairman Annapolis Environmental Commission; founded Annapolis Clean City Commission; director, Annapolis Optimist Club and Heritage Community Association. Member, State Used Oil Recycling Committee.

Ethics: The current state ethics laws are not stringent enough. While it is impossible to legislate morality, I support strong ethics legislation applicable to elected officials and employes that: Prohibit gifts from lobbyists and individuals regulated by or doing business with the state; limits the employment of state officials (elected and appointed) both during and after state service; requires full financial disclosure; and consolidates enforcement in the Board of Ethics. 31st District Senate

Jerome F. Connell Sr., 50, of 101 Tick Neck Rd., Pasadena, is a Democrat. I am a practicing attorney. Graduated from the University of Baltimore attaining an associate in arts and LLB degrees. Both diplomas were magna cum laude. Attended and successfully completed banking courses with American Institute of Banking. Served four years in House of Delegates, 1966-1970. Served four years in Maryland Senate, 1974-1978. Was named Legislator of the Year in 1977 by Maryland State's Attorneys Association. Serve on the Senate Judicial Proceedings COmmittee, Rules Committee, AELR Committee, Executive Nominations and many nonstanding committees.

Ethics: I believe the present law provides for a full disclosure of assets and is strong enough. I will not support income disclosure except where that income is earned in representing someone before a state agency. I would also support disclosure of funds held in cut-of-state or foreign banks.

Gary Q. Green, 36, of 711 Oak Grove Cir., Severna Park, is s Republican. Green is president of Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS), a firm specialising in computer-based management systems. From 1975 to 1978, he was coordinator of the Research Coordinating Unit for Vocational-Technical Education, Maryland State Department of Education. Previously, he was senior research associated of the Tennessee Research Coordinating Unit. Green has worked as a management consultant, researcher and guidance counselor. He received a bachelor of science degree, 1969; master of science degree, 1970, and anticipates a doctor's degree in administration from the University of Tennessee in 1979.

Green is currently serving on several national and international associations dealing with computer systems design including the Hewlett-Packard GSD User Group. He has been deeply involved in community affairs since coming to Maryland in 1975. He was president of the Manhattan Beach Civic Association in 1977-78 and currently serves as a board member of that organization.

Ethics: The State of Maryland ethics laws should include criminal penalties for violations. The ethics code should be extended to all state employes and totally redesigned. Maryland's unclassified employes currently have little or no protection from administrator abuse. House (Vote for 3)

William J. Burkhead, 66, of 15 Country Club Dr., Glen Burnie, is a Democrat. I was elected in 1966 and reelected in 1970 to the House of Delegates. I was chairman of the Consumer Affairs Committee, vice chairman of the Cable TV Committee.I was also on Real Estate, Insurance Committee. I was on the Metropolitan Committee. I was on the Labor Committee and other committees. I was assistant to U.S. Rep. George Fallon, who was in Washington serving for 26 years. I was with him four years. I was with the Department of Commerce as a field supervisor. I was also a justice of peace for six years in Anne Arundel County. Attended schools in Baltimore and Carroll County. Attended the Baltimore Institute and the University of Baltimore. I served in the U.S. Army (peacetime) and Navy during World War II. I am a member of the Glen Burnie Elks, Glen Burnie Moose, Glen Burnie American Legion Post 40, member of the Maryland Classified Chapter 152 and several Democratic clubs.

Ethics: I think we ought to review those laws every two years and if we think they are not enough then we should bring them up to date in any way we think necessary to improve them, and then enforce them.

Phillip C. Jimeno, 31, of 833 Matthews Avc., Brooklyn Park, is a Democrat. I hold a bachelor of science degree in business administration from Fairmont State College and a master of education degree from Copin State College. Since 1970, I have been employed by the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation.

I served as an organizer and first president of the Greater Brooklyn Park Council, an organization representation nearly 20,000 people. I have also served as chairman of the Board of Governors of the Arundel Improvement Association and presently serve as vice president of the Roland Terrace Democratic Club. I addition, I hold membership in other church, community and political organizatiions. Through the leadership positions I have held in these various organizations, I have served as a spokesman on a number of issues before various legislative bodies.

I am married to the former Ramona Gregory, a teacher in the Anne Arundel County school system. We are the parents of one son, Gregory, who is 4 years old.

Ethics: If the citizens of this state are to regain confidence in their elected officials, there must be continued financial disclosure statements of all who are elected and all officials with direct responsibility for policy decisions in awarding contracts and matters of planning and zoning. I further support full disclosure of all lobbyist activities.

Joseph Procaccini, 36, of 402 Norman Ave., Glen Burnie, is a Republican. I am currently director of graduate education programs at Loyola College, where I have served as chairman of the education department, acting dean of the graduate division and assistant professor of education. I received my PhD in 1971 from Catholic University, where I was a research assistant. I have been active in several educational organizations at the national state and local levels. My specialization is in the area of educational management. In addition, I have been very active in civic and education activities in the northern Anne Arundel County area. I was on the board of governors of the United Council of Civic Associations of Anne Arundel County and I am vice chairman of the School Board Nominating Convention Committee. I also serve on the advisory committee of the Central Maryland Health Systems Agency and on the boards of several schools in the area. I am married and the father of two children.

Ethics: They are not stringent enough I believe that all elected and appointed officials and employes of the state should be restricted from receiving any gift or gratuity from an individual or party either directly or in directly doing business with or receiving assistance from any agency of the state government.

Walter J. Shandrowsky, 30, of 7615 Bay St., Pasandena, is a Democrat. I am married and the father of one son. I have an associate of arts degree from Anne Arundel Community College and a bachelor o science degree from the University of Baltimore, where I majored in business administration. I am presently employed as a purchasing agent for a Baltimore County electronics manufacturing firm. Prior to my present job, I worked as a legislative aide in Anne Arundel's 31st District, which gave me considerable insight into the workings of the legislature. Four years ago, I ran for the House of Delegates, losing the nomination by 26 votes. I feel the most important qualifications for this office are the desire to do a good job and having the confidence of your constituents.

Ethics: I do feel that there is sufficient ethics legislation in Maryland. No matter how stringent the laws are, there are always people who will find ways to break them. Therefore, I feel that it shold not be a question of enacting more laws. It should be a question of enforcing and abiding by existing laws.

(No picture available) 32nd District Senate

K. Eric Schafer, 40, of 7887 Chestnut Rd., Severn, is a Democrat. He is married to the former Judith Wilson and has three children. Graduate, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute; honorably discharged from U.S. Marine Corps in 1958. Law degree from University of Baltimore. Owner of Rid Termite and Pest Control Inc. in Glen Burnie. Involvement in Glen Burnie Jaycees sparked his interest in the decaying core of Glen Burnie and today he is urban renewal administrator for Anne Arundel County.

During his tenure as Anne Arundel County Councilman, 1970-1974, he sponsored legislation which prohibited refineries locating in Anne Arundel County, created several county recreation parks and restricted illegal peep shows and massage parlors in the county. He also supported legislation and capital projects to enact a renewal plan for the core area of Glen Burnie, produced two reductions in the tax rate, achieving one of the lowest Metro tax rates in the state and helped develop the first comprehensive county zoning maps.

As urban renewal administrator, he was responsible for implementing the revitalization program for the core area of Glen Burnie.

Ethics: I believe in total disclosure.All elected officials and all state employes who are in positions of public confidence should be included.

Richard L. Stack, 36, of 308 Darlene Ave., Linthicum Heights, is a Republican. I offer the people a history of community involvement and a demonstrative willingness to take on this system when the need arises. I have made no promises except to do my best. I am not indebted to any special interest or parent group.

Ethics: I believe in full disclosure. I would eliminate all gifts or favors to any elected representative on behalf of any lobbyist or interest group. I favor the elimination of all conflict of interest or the appearance thereof. House (Vote for 3)

Tyras S. Athey, 51, of Jessup, is a Democrat. I have been a member of the Maryland legislature since 1967. During that period of time I have served on the Environmental Matters Committee, during which time I worked on the Subcommittee on Wetlands. I have been vice chairman of the Anne Arundel delegation to the legislature. I am presently vice chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, chairman of the Task Force on Property Tax Reform and chairman of the Committee on Intergovernmental Cooperation. As well, I am the Maryland representative to the Council of State Governments, and am currently chairman of that organization's Committee on Environmental Affairs. Finally, I am the Maryland delegate to the Atlantic Marine Fisheries Commission.

Ethics: The laws are stringent enough, but enforcement and oversight are diffused in that the laws and regulations are under various administrative bodies that are lacking in cohesive enforcement ability.

Heysette Cooper Leigh, 29, of 117 Zeppelin Ave., Brooklyn, is a Republican. I have a BS and MS degree in education, have worked in the public school system and I have been involved with political activity since the age of 18. I've also been a Peace Corps volunteer.

Ethics: I do feel those laws are adequate. I feel elected officials should set their own individual guidelines for spending and they have a responsibility to themselves and a commitment to the taxpayers.

Patrick C. Scannello, 41, of 114 Vernon Ave., Glen Burnie, is a Democrat. Being a resident of Anne Arundel County for 26 years and also being a businessman for the same length of time in Glen Burnie, active in many community and civic affairs, listening to the needs and wants of the average working man and woman, I felt the need to given them stronger voice in Annapolis.

Ethics: I feel that they are not. Much thinking must go into revamping any of the ethics laws that are now standing.

George T. Schmincke, 54, of 108 Chalmers Ave., Ferndale, is a Democrat. I have worked in grass roots politics since moving to Ferndale 20 years ago.As precinct leader, I have organized and trained people to do pre-election work and work at the polls. Also, I have been quite active in civic affairs. In 1974, I was elected to the State Central Committee of Anne Arundel County (Democrat) and served as chairman for three years. In 1977, I was appointed to the House of Delegates and served one session. I am a member of several fraternal, civic and political organizations. I have been a machinist for the past 25 years and I understand the problems confronting the average working person. I feel there is a definite need for ordinary working people in the legislature.

Ethics: I feel these laws should cover all policy-making positions, whether elected or appointed, and should include local government as well as state government.

Roland Franklin Smith, 35, of Empire Towers, Glen Burnie, is a Republican. For the last 14 years, I have been self-employed as an insurance and investment broker. Dealing with estate planning, financing and budgeting has given me a first hand working knowledge of the many problems people face today. As a self-employed small businessman, no one could relate to the problems of this group better than one who has been there fighting taxes, inflation and government regulation. By working and belonging to over a dozen community service organizations, I know the people, how to respond and to solve their problems.

Ethics: No. Mandatory sentencing should be invoked with special attention to white collar crime where state and civil service employes have violated public trust in purchasing, contracts for bid and negotiation for services provided to the state by outside firms or contractors. 33rd District


John A. Cade, 49, of 78 Riverside Dr., Severna Park, is a Republican. BS, magna cum laude, from Xavier. MBA, with distinction, from Northwestern. Member of Anne Arundel charter board, 1962. Elected to Anne Arundel County Council, 1965, and reelected to full four-year term in 1966. In 1970, ran unsuccessfully for Anne Arundel County executive. Served on State Central Committee until 1974, when elected to state senate. Have served on Constitutional Public Law Committee, Joint Legislative Ethics Committee and Task Force on Property Taxes and Assessments. Married with five children.

Ethics: I think there is a need for improvement in the ethics laws both as they apply to full-time employes and to elected officials. I have served on the Legislative Ethics Committee for the past four years. I expect we will be able to come up with legislation strengthening these laws and eliminating the inconsistencies in both financial disclosure and conflict of interest.

Darrell L. Henry, 38, of 1581 Crownsville Rd., Crownsville, is a Democrat. I have spent approximately nine years as a full-time government employe and about nine years as a private practicing lawyer. Five of those years in goverment, I was a zoning hearing officer and two years I was an economic analyst with what was formerly the Economic Development of Government. I have the opportunity to see government from both sides of the street as an insider looking out and as an outsider looking in. I don't think you really understand government unless you've had that experience from both viewpoints.

Ethics: One of the primary reasons I decided to file was the incumbent failure to support the ethics and conflict of interests legislation which came before the Senate in the last session. He voted against both bills. Both were pretty good bills. He has yet to give any substantive reason for his action. There are too many agencies and officials involved right now in the whole process of defining and enforcement ethics for candidates, elected officials and appointed officials. Disclosure requirements are insufficient.

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House (Vote for 3)

Patricia L. Aiken, 56, of 501 Epping Forest Rd., Annapolis, is a Democrat. Served past four years in Maryland House of Delegates on Environmental Matters Committee, which specializes in health, public utility and environmental legislation. Introduced bill to stop property tax on pollution control equipment which business is required to install under state law. Fought hard to get more citizen control over public utilities. Besides regular legislative and much constituent work, also serve on Central Maryland Health Systems Agency which over sees hospital construction and costs, plus Environmental Research Guidance Committee which implements all research projects of Power Plant Sitting Committee of Maryland. Fought against reduction of Maryland air quality standards. Member of Subcommittee on Crownsville Mental Hospital. Worked for group homes for retarded adults. Served as secretary of Maryland Legislative Women's Caucus which was instrumental in passing new laws which consider homemaker's contribution in divorce settlement, protect rape victim's rights, open center for displaced homemakers and for abused spouses.

Ethics: No. Ethics legislation should be passed which would bring the executive, legislative and judicial branches as well as state employes under a uniform code. City and county officials should also come under the code. More than token gift-giving should be prohibited where either the giver or receiver are in positions of elected or regulatory authority.

John H. Downs Jr., 22, of 1288 Masters Dr., Arnold, is a Democrat. I am a graduate of Severn School and hold a bachelor arts degree in political science from Washington College. At Washington College, I served as vice president of the Student Government Association and president of the Student Academic Board. During the 1978 session of the Maryland General Assembly, I served as a legislative aide for John Hanson Briscoe, speaker of the House of Delegates. I have been active in community youth programs with the YMCA and served as an assistant playground director in Anne Arundel County. I am currently a life insurance representative.

Ethics: No, with regard to state ethics laws. I believe that all elected state officials and employes should be prohibited from receiving gifts, meals, etc., the value of which exceeds $5. I also believe that state disclosure laws should be expanded to require full and complete disclosure of all business and financial interests of all elected officials.

James Lighthizer, 32, of 1782 Crofton Pkwy., Crofton, is a Democrat. Attorney in private practice in Anne Arundel County; graduate Georgetown University Law School; chairman, Route 3 Communities Coalition; delegate to Anne Arundel County School Board Nominating Convention; board of directors, Crofton Civic Association; member, Maryland Wildlife Federation; member, Greater Crofton Recreation Council; member, Kiwanis Club; former marketing representative with IBM Corp.; avid hunter and fisherman; member, Ducks Unlimited, Southern Maryland chapter; married, father of four children.

Ethics: While state ethics can be tightened, especially in the area of disclosure, the most pressing problem is the need for improved administration and enforcement of laws now on the books. Now administration and enforcement responsibilities are scattered among legislative and executive offices and agencies. Administration and enforcement of current ethics laws must be consolidated under a central office both to improve administration and enforcement and to avoid the problem of "who's watching the watchers?"

Robert R. Neall, 30, of 771 W. Central Ave., Davidsonville, is a Republican. I have served four years in the House of Delegates since 1975. I serve on the Appropriations Committee. My area of expertise is the budget and I'm presently serving as minority whip of the House. I have a BA from the University of Maryland.

Ethics: The ethics bill, which was not passed by last year's General Assembly, tried to address a large number of problems in a very short period of time. Our ethics laws at the present time are inconsistent and they don't apply uniformly to all of us involved in government. Because of the failure of last year's bill, there was a task force appointed to come up with a comprehensive proposal for the upcoming session. I will support stricter enforcement of regulations concerning the ethical conduct of public officials.

Elizabeth S. Smith, 44, of 3438 Merrimac Rd., Harbor Hills, Davidsonville, is a Republican. Elected, House of Delegates, 1974. Member, House Economic Matters Committee; Labor and Management Subcommittee. Chairwoman, Legislative Subcommittee, Governor's Committee to Promote Employment of the Handicapped. Member, Joint Maryland-Virginia Legislative Advisory Commission on the Chesapeake Bay; State Tourism Advisory Committee; Maryland State Commission for Performing Arts. Chamber of Commerce of Greater Annapolis, president, 1970; board of directors, 1968-73; recipient of honorary life membership for outstanding service. Maryland State Chamber of Commerce, board of directors, 1970-74; offices of district vice president , secretary. Administrative assistant to Sen. Edward Hall, 1971-74. Employed, Radio Station WNAV, 1954-74. Legislation included creation of Office for Coordination of Services to Handicapped; allowing Maryland taxpayers to itemize deductions regardless of federal return; providing tax credits for household and dependent care services.

Ethics: No. We should have a comprehensive statute, establishing a state ethics commission, prohibiting state officials and employes from official actions if there is a conflict of interest; tightening restrictions on General Assembly members on voting if conflict of interest; and prohibiting acceptance of gifts.

Charles E. Thomann, 52, of 1606 Laurel La., Annapolis, is a Republican. I have years of experience as a trouble shooter in government with the mission of making large government agencies and their budgets more efficient and cost effective. Through this effort, I have caused millions of dollars to be turned back to the Treasury - the same can be done at the state level. I have been president of the Lower Broadneck Federation of Communities, on the board of several civic associations and chairman of the Route 50 Committee leading the fight against paying large areas of land at the expense of the communities involved and the water environment. I have been involved extensively with youth organizations, particularly in the handicapped area. I am an Army retiree who rose from the ranks to colonel and have had extensive management and personnel schooling as well as much practical application.

Ethics: No, we should extend the limitations statute to six years, expand the investigative powers and staff of the special prosecutor in the attorney general's office and assure that all legislation currently on the books does not provide loopholes that dishonest people can take advantage of.