Candidates were asked: Ethics: Are current state ethics laws governing state employes and elected officials stringent enough? If not, how would you change them? 29th District


James C. Simpson, 47, of Waldorf, is a Democrat. Appointed to the Charles County Sanitary Commission in 1967 and served as chairman until 1970; appointed by the governor to the Board of County Commissioners in 1970 and elected to that position in 1970, serving as chairman until 1974. Elected to the state Senate in 1974, renominated by the Democratic Party for the state Senate in 1978 and unopposed in the general election in 1978 for that office. Member of the Governor's Commission to study land use, 1973, as a state Senator served on the Senate Finance Committee, the subcommittee on the Capital Budget and the Patuxent River Advisory Commission. Appointed in 1978 to the Maryland-Virginia Advisory Commission on the Chesapeake Bay.

Ethics: As hard as we may try, ethics laws will not make people honest. That cannot be legislated. However, one of the problems in the General Assembly is that laws are passed and forgotten rather than updated. Ethics laws, like many others, should be reevaluated and, if needed, modernized. House

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Roy Dyson, 29, of Great Mills, is a Democrat. Prior to my election in 1974 to the House of Delegates I worked for U.S. Rep. William Ford as a legislative analyst. I serve on the Environmental Matters Committee, which is of tremendous concern to southern Maryland because of our water, our air and our dependence on our environment for our livelihood. I hope to go back and feel that I should continue a tradition of protecting those things I just mentioned.

Ethics: No, they're not stringent enough. I would have supported, and planned to support, the ethics will proposed by the president of the Senate and various other cosponsors, and I think it is absolutely essential to have a law requiring members of the General Assembly and the executive branch to disqualify themselves from issues or legislation in which they have an outside financial interest.

Patrick R. Hudson, 36, of E. Circle Dr., Bryantown, is a Republican. I am married with three daughters. Attended the University of Maryland where I obtained my Ba in economics, and the University of Baltimore Law School, where I obtained my JD. I have been in my own business as a sole practitioner since January 1972, when I was admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals of Maryland. I am admitted to practice in the federal district court and the U.S. Supreme Court also. I teach business law, labor law, real property law and criminal law at the Charles County Community College in La Plata.

Ethics: No. I would require reporting, on a daily basis, of all lobbying contacts and financial gifts and gratuities received or expended by or for a legislator or lobbyist.

Dennis M. O'Hara, 29, of Mechanicsville, is a Republican. AS, engineering science; BS, electrical engineering. Three years active duty, former platoon commander and captain United States Marine Corps. Three years on engineering staff with Southern Maryland Electric Co-op.

Ethics: Ethics laws are a supposed cure for moral turpitude on the part of our elected officials. They haven't been effective. Representatives who stand for God and country would be that ounce of prevention worth our present many pounds of cure.

John William Quade, 31, of Clements, is a Democrat. Born and raised on a farm in St. Mary's. Enlisted in Marine Corps in 1965 and served 3 1/2 years before medical discharge after being wounded in Vietnam. Worked at Library of Congress before enrolling at St. Mary's College, from which I received a BA in history. Appointed in 1976 to recodity St. Mary's code. Presently vice president of Tidewater Realty Inc. Throughout this time I have remained active in local civic associatons.

Ethics: Yes, if they were enforced. It does no good to enact strong laws unless the enforcement is equally strong, unless these laws are really enforced.

Michael J. Sprague, 38, of Port Tobacco, is a Democrat. I have been a local businessman for some 15 years, college graduate, born and raised in southern Maryland. Served four years as a Charles County commissioner and served four years in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Ethics: I think they are basically strong enough now, but as time goes on there will be some weaknesses in there that will have to be corrected at a later date as problems arise.