Rupert P. Cookery Jr., 47, LaPlata, is a Republican. I am a native of Charles County and was raised on a farm here.I attended public school in the county, graduating from LaPlata High School in 1948. I served two years in the Army and returned to go to work in the Charles County Sherriff's Department. I spent 20 years there until retiring as a lieutenant, in 1976. Since then I have run my wn custonm home construction business.

(No Picture available )Loretta Nimmerrichter, 47, of Waldorf, is a Republican. Elected, four-year term, judge, Probate Court; elected to two, four year terms, House of Delegates. Appointed by President, federal comissioner to Interstate Commission-potemac River Basin (Vote for 7)Vincent C. hungerford, 48, lives at 504 Indian Head Ave., Indian Head. BS in physics from Georgetown. Vice wing commander of DC International Guard. Director, electronic engineering division, Indian Head Naval Ordinance Station. Active in PTA since 1969 at Indian Head Elementary School and General Smallwood Middle School. Appointed to Charles County school board in 1972 and elected in 1974. Married with two children.

William R. Nicol, 37, lives at 1122, Hamlin Rd., Waldorf. BA in chemical engineering, Pennsylvania State University. Graduate courses in engineering administration, George Washington University. I have been vice president of the Oxon Hill and Charles County PTAs, president of the Arthur Middleton School PTA, member of the Charles County advisory committee on zoning and president advisory citizens committee.

(No Picture available )Nancy J. Sefton, 35, lives at 8010 HOlly Ave., Waldorf. Educated in the Hammond, Indiana, public school system. Attended Indiana State Teachers College, majoring in art education. Elected to the Charles County Board of Education in 1974. I have been active in the Maryland Association of Boards of Education. Presently hold office of second vice president. For the past few years, I have been a member of the legislative committee, spending time in Annapolis to improve education in the state of Maryland.

Talmadge W. Sexton, did not respond. Merle Kasten Turner, 30, lives uin La Plata. Other than the fact that I am an incumbent in my fourth year on the school board, I worked for two and half years as a reporter and then news director of WSMD-Radio in La Plata. Curing that time, I recovmany school board meetings and visited many schools in search of news. stories. As well, I spent one year teaching in a parochial school, because I do not have certification in the public school system. I am now working in real estate, which has given me a strong sense of the change that has come over the community.

Sandy A. Wilson, did not respons.