Candidates were asked:

Committee: On which committee of the City Council would you wish to serve during the next council session and what specific legislation would you introduce?

Ward services: Are city services in your ward adequate? If so, what additional services do you think the city should offer its residents? If you believe services are inadequate, which are most in need of improvement and what would you do to make them better?

Projects: Are there any specific projects or programs you would undertake as a member of the City Council which would show clearly identifiable changes in your ward by the end of the next council term?

David A. (Dave) Clarke, 35, of 3320 17th St. NW, is a Democrat. He has been a council member since 1975 and is a member of the Central Democratic Committee. He was director of the Washington bureau of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Committee: I would like to serve upon the finance and revenue, housing and urban development and judiciary committees. I would continue to introduce measures I have already introduced such as ending property tax exemptions for those national organizations favored by Congress but doing little or nothing for the city. I hipe to work on the development of new tax bases through the use of bond-financing of capital debt and investment of retained funds. I will work to eliminate any loopholes or rough edges in the anti-speculation law. I will work for a new up-to-date, sensible narcotic law. And I hope to make a contribution to the development of a new criminal code.

Ward services: City services are not adequate, but the answer is not necessarily in providing new ones rather than improving existing ones. Moreover, most of the problems lie in administration rather than legislation, and council candidates do a disservice when they promise something solely within the executive branch's power to deliver. Where city services have had a legislative dimension, I stand by my record of moving to continue Medicaid, moving to provide the Shapiro Tract for recreation, moving to expedite the Park View Recreational Center and my work on assuring Community Development Block Grant resources for the 14th Street and Shaw areas of my ward.

Projects: I am hopeful that my anti-speculation legislation and work and my work on housing and tax matters will help reverse the displacement trend in my ward so that it will remain a place for all persons to live together harmoniously.

Antonio Grillo, 31, of 1863 Newton St. NW, is a candidate from the Socialist Workers Party.

Committee: Since every committee affects the lives of the people living in Washington, D.C., I would take a strong interest in each committee to see to it that they are monitored and controlled closely to make sure that they work in the interest of the working people in the District and not against them as they are presently doing. I would push for legislation that will tax speculators' profits at 100 percent.

Ward services: I don't think that any ward in this city has total adequate services, and it seems unusual that after years of neglect in some areas the city should take a strong interest today. That's because they really don't care about the residents presently living there, but only in helping the speculators and landlords remove the poorer residents to make higher profits.

Projects: Presently, there are indentifiable changes being created in Ward 1, like the removal of the poor, the elderly and minorities. That has increased through the efforts of the City Council working with the speculators and real estate interests. I was not aware that every ward was supposed to be competing against each othr to be identifiable. In this case, the City Council should make every effort to work with community groups and organizations to provide what they need and ensure that it will benefit the community as a whole.

Suzanne Klebe, of 1801 Clydesdale Place NW, is a member of the U.S. Labor Party.

Committee, ward services and projects: I would choose the Judiciary and Education committees. The effects of behavior modification, drugs "relevency" and budget cuts in U.S. schools over the past 10 years have resulted in a near national disaster. Literacy rates are rapidly falling, and similarly, the fall in skill levels is putting the U.S. into a position of being unable to fill high-skilled jobs, even with a massively unemployed population. The Education Committee on the D.C. City Council must rapidly reverse that situation in the District. The D.C. school budget must be massively increased, with equipment, materials and staff provided for major program. Curricula must prepare D.C. children to take leading roles in the breakthroughs around the corner in basic science, particularly those related to fusion energy and high technology development. The humanities must focus on the pruposiveness of the human population, its growth and development. And for any of those programs to succeed, the Education Committee must lead the way to enforce hard hitting anti-drug laws - including Montgomery Country-style lock up of those using or pushing drugs and severe eprisals agaisnt school personnel who allow the drug trade to flourish.

In that regard, my opponent David Clarke's position as head of the Judiciary Committee is a joke. Clarke introduced the bill proposed last year to lessen the charge for possession of marijuana.

Clarke's bill has a token call for harder drugs - however, in Ward 1, in which the 14th Street corridor has one of the briskest trades in drugs, as well as prostitution and pornography, there has been no crackdown.

Legalized or semilegalized drugs, prostitution and gambling are the conduits for the "dirty" illegal money operations. Those illegal operations, amounting to $100 to $200 billion annually, flow through complicit international banking house as a massive "underground economy" - a fund that is now being used to speculate against the dollar and asset-strip U.S. banks and corporations. The piecemeal destruction of the U.S. economy, international terrorism and the financial blackmail against particularly Third World nations is being financed by the drug trade destroying our nation's children.

Is Dave Clarke aware of the effect of his drug policy? If the head of the Judiciary Committee pleads ignorance to what is being exposed nationally on the question of "drug law enforcement," the he has proved his incompetence to serve on the City Council. If he is aware of it, another course of action should he taken against him.

David Pattern Russell, 26, of 2141 Wyoming Ave. NW, is a Republican. He is a native Washingtonian and is an office clerk at the law firm of Jackson, Campbell and Parkinson.

Committee: No response.

Ward services: There are many services which are inadequate, such as police protection and CETA, but if a problem had a simple answer, it would have been solved long ago. I would work on all problems as they arise.

Projects: I would improve the ANCs and strengthen them within the laws section 1-171 and 1-171 R; try to get all necessary fundings for Metrorail, especially between Gallery Place and Fort Totten.