Susan Pennington, 36,of 1650 Harvard St.NW, is a U.S. Labor Party member. She has been a legislative specialist and an activist in D.C. affairs since 1970.

What are the major challenges facing the city during the next four years and how would you address them as mayor?

The challenge facing to become the showplace for the American system that George Washington intended it to be. To do that, we rid ourselves of "Washington Post liberals" like Marion Barry and Hilda Mason in elected office; crack down on drug use, locking up offenders (including "potheads") and censuring those who advocate drug decriminalization; vigorously recruit high technology industry into the city.

Between now and January, Germany, France and Japan are bankrupting London, ending centuries of British looting of the Third World through the creation of a European monetary system modeled on the ideas of the U.S.Labor Party. Facing fatal illiquidity, Britain is totally dependent on its "left" and "right" rakical and organized crime networks in the maintain dollar flows via legalized gambling and drug traffice.

My policy for the city is to create high-skilled, high-paid jobs for the D.C. labor force, in a cooperative effort with surrounding jurisdictions. Bring in electronics and computer industries and computer industries that provide a range of jobs.

Bring in research and development facilities. Children growing up in this city must aspire to productive contributions to society. A technology-oriented environment will transform their outlook. A mayor committed to their education, demanding school curricula and expenditures focused on concept-building skills (music, math, science) will reverse the present tragedy of District high school graduates who can hardly read and write.

I am appealing to every resident of the city to recognize this election for what it is: a referendum for either the destructive policies of Bary, or for the city-building, humanist policies of myself and the USLP ticket. What Barry calls a "family feud" in the Democratic party is in fact a full-blown battle between thsoe who would save the city by withholding support from Barry and those who would destroy it by electing him. We have established that the city-building policies of the U.S.Labor Party have the support of 75 percent of D.C.residents. It's time to put us into office. Nov. 7 is no time to sit home grumbling, or to reluctantly cast a party line vote for Barry. Vote your conscience: vote for me.

Some of the most crucial problems confronting many city residents are in the area of housing. As mayor, what would be your first initiatives in the area of housing?

I will build moree moderate and low-income housing, marshaling every nickel of available federal money and detailing refenue from new industrial and business investments. Innovative approaches ot meet the housing need - for example, the Campbell Heights units at 15th and U streets NW - will be encouraged with appropriate financial incentives. Fauntroy's and Barry's dollar-a-hovel "homesteading" ghetto ripoff will be abandoned in favor of leveling most of the boarded up houses and rebuilding whole neighborhoods. Working with architects and construction workers, the U.S. Labor Party has created a blueprint for rebuilding South Bronx in New YorK, using the most advance technologies and starting with underground service and utility grids. These ideas can be applied here.