Glova E. Scott, 23, of 1735 New Hampshire Ave. NW, is an Independent, supported by the D.C. Socialist Workers Party.She is a former employe of Western Electric and a member of CWA Local 2395.

What are the major challenges facing the city during the next four years and how would you address them as mayor?

Basic human rights - jobs for all, quality education, decent housing, full equality for Latinos, blacks, women and gays, full voting rights and real home rule for D.C. - are major issues facing city residents. But in a city which is over 70 percent black and supposedly run by black leaders, these problems are not being answered sufficiently.

These problems will not be solved because the politicians currently working in the District Building are friends with the Board of Trade and the corporations that bankroll and run the Democratic and Republican parties. These politicians do not represent working people and they do not represent the black majority in D.C. As long as the political decisions which affect our lives are made behind closed doors by a few individuals, the resources, the wealth of this city, will continue to be misused.

In my campaign for mayor, I propose that the work week be shortened with no cut in pay to spread the available work around. Since the same amount of work must be done, a shorter work week would mean that more people could be hired. The mayor's office would be a center to organize D.C. residents to win this demand and others, such as full voting representation in Congress and more home rule. It took marches of thousands in the '60s to win the few gains now under attack and to win more rights.

These demands are possible, but only if working people organize to make them possible. We must break from the Democratic and Republican parties - the parties of the bosses - and form our own party of labor which will fight for our interests. Working people make this city run and we need to be in the District Building running the city.

Some fo the most crucial problems confronting many city residents are in the area of housing. As mayor, what would be your first initiatives in the area of housing?

Forced evictions, skyrocketing rents, the scarcity of decent low-cost housing are changing the face of the city. But the city government defends the interests of the rich minority, for landlords and realtors are guaranteed profits due to lopsided rent control and housing speculation laws.

The Socialist Worders campaign demands a 100 percent tax on all profits from housing speculation. Rent should be no more than 10 percent of a worker's income. No one should make profits by forcing people from their homes.