Four Washington are resisents were honored this week for their role in the capture of a robber June 17 at the McLachlen National Bank at 11th and G streets NW. The four residents also were rewarded with $500 each.

A bank customer, Yvonne L. Daniels, who is a court reporter for the D.C. Department of Human Resources, first witnessed the robbery and informed the bank manager. The manager then notified police.

Three other bank customers, Theodore W. Boyd, Kenneth Thomas and Isaac Entusua-Mensah, followed the fleeing suspect and directed responding police to his location, police said.

When police arrived, the suspect attempted to draw a weapon, according to a police spokesman, who said the suspect was fatally wounded.

The suspect was later identified as 36-year-old Charles McNancy, an escapee from LEavenworth Prison in New Jersey. He was declared an escapee, according to police, when he failed to report to the Community Treatment Center in Newark, N.J.

On Monday, the four citizens were presented $500 checks from Thomas McLachlen, chairman of the board od McLachlen National Bank, and Bernard Crooke, assistant chief of police.

McLachlen said during a telephone interviews this week: "I think it is marvelous. HEre is the ideal citizen. They stood up and were counted."

He said that most times his tellers have to act as witnesses in robberies of the bank.

Daniels, who first witnessed the robbery as she waited for an available teller in a nearby line, said she was "scared" and "excited" when the incident ocurred. She said she was at the bank with her 11-year-old daughter.

Officials said the reward for citizen participation in the capture of bank robbers has been issued for a number of years, but is rarely publicized because of the feat of retribution by the offender. They said that in this case there was no fear of reprisal because the suspect was killed. CAPTION: Picture, Yvonne L. Daniels, left, was one of four District residents who received a $500 reward for their roles in the capture of a bank robber. Bernard Crooke, assistant chief of police, and Daniels' daughter Jacquelyn attended the awards presentation.