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James S. Ansell, 54, of 3022 Bamblewood Rd., Elicott City, is a Republican. I'm a lawyer and have been for 20-years. Experience is something you gather when you get in a job. I've never been in an elected office. In my type of work people come to you when they're in trouble or after they are in trouble, and that's what we have here.I've handled numerous zoning cases for improvement associations.

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J. Hugh Nichols, 47, of 6117 Sebring Dr., Columbia, is a Democrat. He is presently on leave of absence from the position of assistant secretary of the Maryland Department of Budget and Fiscal Planning. He formerly served for eight years as a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, where he chaired a major appropriations subcommittee. Prior to that he was a member of the Howard County Council, chairman of the Howard County Planning Commission and a member of the Charter Board which drafted Howard County's home rule charter. He is academically trained in government and public administration (AB, University of Alabama, 1957; MA, The American University, 1967). He has over 20 years of professional experience in the fields of data processing, systems analysis, management consulting and project management. He is married, has four children and has lived in Howard County for 21 years. County Council

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Elizabeth Bobo, 34, of 4610 S. Leisure Ct., Elicott City, is a Democrat. For two years prior to my incumbency on the County Council, I chaird the Howard County Board of Appeals, which considers special exceptions and variances to the zoning regulations as well as appeals of administrative decisions. This position gave me detailed knowledge of all areas of the county and its government and provided me with a strong background for serving on the Zoning Board (another function of the County Council). For three years I have represented Howard County on the Regional Health System Agency and the Certification and Review Committee of that agency. I have also represented Howard County on the Maryland Department of Transportation Mass Transit Planning Committee. During the 12 years I have lived in Howard County with my family, I have been actively involved in the governmental process.I believe I have demonstrated my ability to make difficult decisions independently and then accept responsibility for them.

Harry M. Dunbar, 34, of 9476 Timesweet La., Columbia, is an Independent. I have spent most of my adult life working wherever I have lived to improved community services. I have national experience as a Vista volunteer and international experience working for the church in the Caribbean and Latin America. I'm seriously concerned as a taxpayer about the efficiency of government in general. I was elected to the 1977-78 Columbia Council in the first citywide platform. I'm a vice president of the Alliance Toward an Active Community (ATAC). I've been a membership chairman of the Howard County NAACP, member of the Howard County League of Women Voters, member of Howard County Common Cause, member of Howard County General Hospital Expansion Committee and was elected to the Oakland Mills Village Board, 1975-76.

Ruth Keeton, 59, of 10989 Swansfield Rd., Columbia, is a Democrat. County Council and Zoning Board member, 1974-78. Regional Planning Council representative, 1974-1978. Regional Transportation Steering Committee chairpetson. 1977. 1978 Coulmbia Council member, 1971, 1972 and 1973. Northwestern University graduate. Former middle school teacher and finance and budget officer. Works with the area office of HUD, the Maryland Departments of Transportation, Economic and Community Development and Agriculture, and with the Water Resources Administration and State and Regional Planning agencies on behalf of Howard County. Has given priority to an excellent educational system, one that gives each child an opportunity to understand the basics and to thrive on school experience, a system that has the quality of teaching staff to bring this about; a police force maintained at a level that assures personal and community safety; delivery of public services in an increasingly efficient, thoughtful and productive way to get the most for tax dollars: expanded and accessible library services. Robert H. Kittleman, 52, of 3105 West Ivory Rd., West Friendship, is a Republican. Currently an engineering manager with the Westinghouse Electric Corp., and own, operate and live on a farm in West Friendship. I am the only council candidate living in the western half of Howard County. Naval officer in World War II. Has a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Oktahoma; graduate courses, University of Pittsburgh: business management coursew, Johns Hopkins. Past chairperson of the Howard County Republicans Central Committee and president of the Howard County Repubcian Club. Howard County campaign manager for Sen. Charles McC. Mathias, Rep. Gilbert Gude, and state Sen. Ed Marson. Treasurer, Aliview Civic Association: board of directors of Howard County Citizens Association, Atholton Elementray PTA, and Howard County School Board Nominating Federation. Vice president and chairperson of the education committee of the Howard County NAACP during the period of school integration in Howard County.

Lloyd G. Knowies, 44, of 9522 Pepple DR., Columbia, is a democrat. Thirteen-year county resident BS, electrical engineering. Penn State; MS, electrical engineering. Ilinois; biomedical engineer, Johns Hopkins University - A.P.I. Current chairman, Howard County Council; chairman, three years, Howard County Zoning Board; member, five years, Howard County Planning Board; Member, one year, Howard County Recretion and Parks Board Delegate, four years, Howard County School Board Nominating Federation; founding member, Committee for an Elected School Board; officer, various PTAs. Memberships: Howard County Citizens Association, Howard County Association for Retarded Citizens, NAACP, Common Cause, Elicott City, Columbia and Southern Howard County Democratic Clubs. ENdorsed by: Howard County Teachers' Association, United Federation of Maryland Teachers, AFL-CIO; Baltimore Sun; Evening Sun; Columbia Flier: AFL-CLO Metropolitan Council; Maryland State UAW; Elicott City Democratic Club; Columbia Democratic Club; Southern Howard County Democratic Club.

J. Michael Marshall, 34, of 9744 Basket Ring Rd., Columbia, is a Republician. I have been a resident of Howard County for nine years. I have served on a variety of commissions and boards, including the Howard County Emergency Shelter Advisory Board, the Howard County Rent Control Commission and the board of the Howard County Poetry and Literature Society. In addition to county activities, I have served as an elected representative from Harper's Choice Village Board and the Oakland Mills Village Board. I was a two-term Columbia Council representative from Harper's Choice and the first chairperson of the Columbia Council. I have served longer in elected capacities than any other resident of Columbia. Professionally, I am the president of CIHC-Community Services, a housing managenment and development corporation with a budget of over $2 million. My wide Leshe, who is current vice chairperson of the Oakland Mills Village Board, and I have three children, David, Joe and Abigail.

Charles E. Miller, 75, of Gray Rock Farm, is a Republican. Owner and operator of a large retail business for more than 50 years. Public schools of Howard County and technical schools in Baltimore. GM business schools. A native of Howard County for 75 years; wife, Grace; two sons, Donald and Paul, associated in my business. Have served more than 30 years as director of the Lutheran Hospital Board. Have donated land for five public school sites in Howard County, up ot 60 acres. Have donated land for public library sites.

I. Trent Mitchell, 33 of 9456 Macumber La., Columbia, is a Republican. I am a native of Catonsville and a seven-year resident of Howard County. My 10 years of civic, community and political activity include several terms on the board of directors of the Howard County Citizens Association and service on both county and Columbia budget-committees. I have also served as chairperson of the Oakland Mills Village Board and architectural committee, the Columbia Economic Model Committee and on the Alternate Finance Committee. In this last rule, I wrote a minority report arguing against creating a county special tax district for Columbia, chiefly because the proposal was to pledge the full faith and credit of the county's general revenue behind the Columbia Association's $37 million debt, something which ought not be allowed. From 1973-75, I wrote a political opinion column in the Howard County Times.

William H. Morstein, 34, of 3422 Dogwood Dr., Ellicott City, is a Republican, BA, University of Maryland 1966, major, political science JD, University of Maryland School of Law, 1969. Staff attorney, Baltimore City Legal Aid Bureau, 1969-1971. Partner, Acquisto, Aspien & Morstein, P.A., Elicott City, 1971 to present Assistant county solicitor. Howard County Office of Law, 1973-1975. Volunteer paroie aide. President, Howard County Republican Club. Candidate for state's attorney, 1974. Rolling Acres Nob Hill Improvement Association. Marrried, two children, Robert, 4, Micheal, one month.

Virginia Thomas, 37, of [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Forty Winks Way, Columbia, is a Democrat. Her education includes a degree in secondary education and an MSW, giving her experience in two areas which consume the lion's share of the county budget. Her administrative experience includes the position of deputy director of the Social Services Department in Bergen County, N.J., where she also helped found the first women's center and received as award for her work from the NAACP. In Columbia, as chairwoman of the Oakland Mills Board and the Columbia Combined Boards, she was responsible for reviewing the Columbia Association budget and volunteer involvement. She also organizeda group which lobbied for the passage of the Consumer Protection Act, a bill which she ultimately introduced upon being elected to her first term on the County Council in 1974. AN incumbent, she has chaired the County Council and the Health Board and several as vice chairperson of the Zoning Board.

Thomas M. Yeager, 42, of 7437 Cherry Tree Dr. Fulton, is a Democrat Political background: member, Howard County council, 1975, 1976, Zoning Board, 1978; past president, United Democratic Clubs of Howard County; member, Southern Howard County Democratic Club. Education: BS in electrical engineering. University of Maryland, 1963; MBA, American University, 1968. Civic involvement: past president, University of Maryland Howard County Alumni Club; member, Clarksville Lions; member, Howard County Beekeepers' Association. Married to former Olivia Scaggs; children, Tom and Laura.