Candidates were asked: Ethics: Are current state ethics laws governing state employes and elected officials stringent enough? If not, how would you change them? 14th District Senate

James Clark Jr., 59, of 10380 Route 108, Ellicott City, is a Democrat. Jim Clark has served in both the House and Senate of Maryland. He has been chairman of the agriculture of the National Resources Committee, Executive Nominations, vice chairman of the Governor's Advisory Committee on Human Rights and first vice president of the 1967 Maryland Constitutional Convention. Presently he is chairman of the Finance Committee and serves on the Policy Committee, the Joint Committee on Program Open Spave, the Governor's Commission on the Funding of Public Education, the Special Committee to Study Funding of Farmland Preservation and the Governor's Commission on Funding the Education of the Handicapped. He is a leader in the national effort to require a balanced federal budget because he believes strongly that the present inflation rates which are a result of the deficit spending policies of the federal government are a grave threat to this country. Among numerous recognitions of his public service, Clark received a Merit Award from the NAACP in 1966.

Ethics: I would favor restrictions on and disclosure of gifts to elected officials. Members of the legislature who are lawyers should be prohibited from representing clients before regulatory boards. Lobbyists should be required to disclose who pays them and who they spend money on. House - 14A

Joel Chasnoff, 42, of 13712 Batchelors Dr., Colesville, is a Democrat. Married, two daughters, attorney, Georgetown Law graduate, offices in Silver Spring, Olney and Washington. Elected in 1974 to the House of Delegates, Joel Chasnoff has served on the following committees: Judiciary, Rape and Related Offenses, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Relations Commission, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Watershed Advisory and the Governor's Commission on Conodminiums, and as chairman of Montgomery County's Judiciary Committee (1976 - 77). He has also served on the Montgomery Delegation, Transportation, Economic Matters, Public Law, Local Government and Personnel committees. Prior civic and community experience include being president of Tamarack Triangle Civic Association and William Tyler Page PTA. He has served as board member of the Committee for Public Schools and was recently elected to the board of directors of Montgomery General Hospital and of the Family Life Center. He is a former national director of the Council on Younger Lawyers, lecturer on constitutional law, University of Maryland, and military intelligence officer.

Ethics: No. Additional requirements to eliminate potential conflicts f interest, expand lobbyists reporting and place further liminations on such spending and greater disclosure of holdings and background of public officials would be desirable.

Linda Wood, 37, of 15016 Whitegate Rd., Silver Spring, is a Republican. I have worked with leaders in the fedeal government, the Congress, the state legislature and county governemnt on issues important to Maryland. Grass roots political experience and a long history of activity in PTAs, Girl Scouts and civic organizations have given me first hand knowledge of what is expected of an elected official. Through service as a precinct and regional chairman in the Republican party and as an elected member of the Central Committee and the 1976 GOP Convention delegation, I have earned the reputation of being accessible and of accurately representing the view of those I have represented. I hold a BA degree from the University of Nebraska with further studies in business and economics. As a former teacher in the Maryland Public school system and as a parent of two children who attend Montgomery County schools, I share and understand the concerns of our community.

Ethics: No. Priority ethics legislation should begin with earlier and more detailed reporting of campaign finances, both receipts and disbursements, lobbyist disclosure legislation as proposed by Common Cause and establishment of a single, independent ethics commission with strong enforcement powers. My opponent pledged to support lobbyist disclosure legislation, then was either not present or failed to vote on two key bills concerning disclosure in 1977. 15th District Senate

John Henry Hiser Jr., 40, of 8847 Belmart Rd., Potomac, is a Republican. Hiser, a Vietnam veteran, was born and reared in Montgomery County. As president and owner of the J.H.Hiser Construction Company, he is familiar with the problems facing young people who want to buy their first home; retired people whose homes have inflated values which tax them beyond their means; low and middle-income citizens who can't find affordable homes either to rent or buy. His businessman's attitude is that if families should live within their means then so should governments. If businesmen must meet their obligations then so should governments. If citizens show concern over the insidious twins of taxes and inflation then so should governments.

Ethics: Maryland needs, and I support, a comprehensive and uniform ethics law. A new law must include: concise conflict of interest provisions; financial disclosure by officials; ban on receiving gifts from interests which are affected by officials or employes decisions.

Laurence Levitan, 44, of 11426 Georgetown Dr., Potomac, is a Democrat. Elected to the State Senate in 1974, served in the House of Delegates from 1971-1974, member of Senate Budget and Tax Committee and numerous commissions. As chairman and sponsor of the Joint Committee on the Management of Public Funds I led the reform of the state treasurer's office resulting in sound money management and millions of dollars in new revenue. With my background in accounting and law I am considered an expert on tax and budget matters. During the 1978 session I successfully sponsored the homeowners tax relief package, reinstitution of the child care deduction and led the fight that brought additional financial assistance to the county. An effective legislator must also be able to defeat bad legislation. This past session I directed the defeat of a bill that would have cost the state $16.3 million and the council $2.3 million. Experience does count.

Ethics: no. I was a cosponsor of legislation that passed the Senate during the 1978 session that would have greatl strengthened the state's ethics laws. The legislation was supprted by Common Cause, and I will continue to work for its enactment.

Bette Marshall, 54, of 7420 Hawkins Creamery Rd., Laytonsville, is an Independent. My interest in Maryland state politics comes as a result of six years of effort on behalf of small business to get certan licensing laws enforced and corrective legislation passed in Annapolis. I was appalled by the incompetence, indifference and inaction of elected state officials. Although that effort is finally complete, the experience taught me the importance of electing grassroots candidates to replace insensitive party-line politicians. Through the urging of friends and 2,500 petition signers, I accepted the challenge. I am president and general manager of Yester-year Farms in Laytonsville, a business I have built up from a one-room basement operation 14 years ago to a five-building operation today. As a businesswoman, mother of 15 children and a resident of District 15 most of my adult life, I have firsthand knowledge of, and concern for, the rights and responsibilities of grassroots citizens.

TEthics: It is of paramount importance that elected state officials serve their constituencies and not their special interests. For them, I endorse full disclosure to include all financial interests and sources and amounts of income. I do not believe, however, that state employes should be subject to disclosure requirments any more stringent than employes in the private section. There should be penalties and removal from office for noncompliance. House - 15A

Jerry H. Hyatt, 38, of 27521 Mount Radnor Rd., Damascus, is a Democrat. I have served four years in the House of Delegates and prior to that I was involved in many civic associtions and was a member of the Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board for Montgomery County. Since I've been in the General Assembly I served on the House Judiciary Committee and I'm chairman of the Joint Committee on the State Prosecutorial Function and I'm a member of the Joint Personnel Policy Committee, the Task Force on Crime and the committee to revise the theft offenses. I've worked four years down there and feel I've done a good job and want to do four more years.

Ethics: I believe that the laws need revising so that both public officials and citizens have a definite understanding of what is expected in the conduct of public office. We need clearer guidelines in order to make it workable.

Erwin Vogel, 57, of 9922 Walker House Rd., Gaithersburg, is an Independent, endorsed by the Maryland Liberation Party. Born in Germany, educated in Germany, Belgium and New Jersey. Married, four grown children. Engineer (astronauts, space vehicle control), employed by Fairchild Industries, Germantown. I am neither a liberal nor a conservative. I agree with many liberal ideas, such as those which aim at increasing individual freedom, limiting the state's rights to interfere in private affairs, be they sexual habits, preferences in reading matter or drug use. But I thoroughly disagree with the liberal expectation that the state can regulate economic transactions. I agree with the conservative position of limiting government interference in economic affairs, and I think highly of order and stability. But I disagree with conservative desires to regulate public morality.My primary goal is to prevent further encroachment by any government in private affairs. If elected, I would endeavor to reduce both the powers of state agencies and the numbers thereof, thereby reducing the cost of government.

Ethics: I don't believe in the so-called "ethics" laws. The only way to eliminate graft is to remove the temptation, by avoiding legislation which aims at creating monopolies or special privileges. If we eliminated restrictions on gambling, horse-racing, liquor consumption, etc. and eliminated special licensing rules in trades and professions, we would automatically eliminate the source of collusion between governemnt officials dispensing privilege and businesses seeking monopoly protection. House - 15B (Vote for 2)

Jay S. Bernstein, 36, of 9104 Shad La., Potomac, is a Democrat. As a resident of the District of Columbia and Maryland for all of my 36 years, I have gained a personal awareness of the political, social and economic climate of this area. In ten years as a trial attorney, I have dealth with, and learned to understand, the problems of the people of Montgomery County. As elected president of Young Democrats of Maryland in 1970-71, I earned a record of accomplishment in working statewide with colleagues, many of women are currently members and leaders in the state legislature. Served as a precinct official in 1973-74 and was elected to the State Central Committee in 1974-1978. Confidence in my ability was shown by fellow committee members' recommendation and governor's appointment to fill vacancy in Maryland General Assembly, June 1978. This varied experience will enable me to work effectively with the other members of the Maryland legislature.

Ethics: Acting Gov. Lee's recent ethics package, set forth by executive order, covering all executive branch elected officials and state employes is good. The legislature should enact similar rules to govern its own members. In terms of elected officials, all the laws on the books are to no end as compared to the more important issue: the quality of the people we elect to office.

Robin Ficker, 35, of 7526 Glennon Dr., West Bethesda, is a Republican. Hard worker. Received highest percentage of vote in either primary. Collected 18,569 signatures placing question F on ballot prohibiting garbage dumps on land zoned residential, encouraging recyling. Visited almost every home in 15B at least once, many thrie. "Outstanding Montgomery Countian 1977" - Allied Civic Group. In 1976, before Proposition 13, engineered property tax initiative, which received 75,000 votes. Lifelong resident Montgomery County Pediatrician wife, two children. Delegate, Civic Federation C&O Canal Association BS, engineering; M.A. public administration. Veteran. Attorney - National Caucus Black Aged, General Electric, Computer Network Corporation. Public interest cases involving discretionary zoning enforcement; Metro environmental impact statements; sex discrimination by county attorney; small school closing; high school athlete outside competitions; Washington Redskins television blackouts.

Ethics: No. Support Conflict-Ethics SB-944, which passed State Senate 1978, but died in House of Delegates. Need strong ethics code including strict safeguards against conflict-of-interest situations and requiring financial disclosure by elected officials and state employes making policy. Need full disclosure of activities paid for by lobbyists. I successfully collected 17,000 names in 1976 for ballot placement of initiative allowng recall of county officials. Would support recall applicable to state officials, too.

Judith C. Toth, 40, of 6611 80th Place, Cabin John, is a Democrat. Graduate, Northwestern University, three years post grad, Georgetown and the University of Andes. Political economist, civic leader, president of Montgomery County Civic Federation, Cabin John Park Citizen's Association, Metropolitan Washington Congress of Citizens. Environmentalist, political activist, married and mother of two daughters. Delegates from 1975 to present, Environmental Matters Committee, chairman of Subcommittee on Preservation of Agricultural Land, Health and Mental Hygiene. Adviser to governor's commission to revise annotated code. Land Use Policy Committee of the Council of Governments, National Conference of State Legislators Task Force on Satellite Remote Sensing. Montgomery County delegation subcommittees: WSSC, planning and zoning, elections, taxes and fiscal affairs, judiciary, 1978. Sponsor of over 30 pieces of major legislation, including bills banning children in pronography, restoring income tax deduction for dependent care.

Ethics: No. Would establish an independent, bipartisan commission to establish standards and hear complaints. Would find funding for existing campaign financing law to reduce role of money in politics. Would allow for censure and recall of elected officials charged with serious violations of trust. Would require complete reporting by elected and appointed officials of lobbyist-provided meals and freebies, similar to list I send to press and secretary of state monthly.

Thomas H. Williams, 52, of 9409 Kentsdale Dr., Potomac, is a Republican. Active and concerned Montgomery County resident since 1957. Mechanical engineer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Small businessman and engineer in Montgomery County for 19 years. JD, Catholic University. Practicing attorney. President, West Montgomery County Citizens Association; president, Potomac Chamber of Commerce 1974-77; president, McAuley Park Citizens Association 1976-77; Potomac Bicentennial Committee cochairman; 1977 Potomac Citizen of the Year; chairman, Cosmopolitan International Foundation, dedicated to prevention and cure of diabetes; member, legislative committee, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

Ethics: No. They do not clearly define the expected standard of conduct. I would combine the various code provisions on conflict of interest, lobbying and financial disclosure into one code section, setting forth standards for all public employes whether elected, appointed or hired. 16th District Senate

Howard A. Denis, 38, of 5301 Westbard Cir., Bethesda, is a Republican. Before becoming state senator in 1977 I had worked closely for many years with my predecessors, Gilbert Gude and Newton Steers. As a staff person I gained invaluable insight into the legislative process, the substantive issues affecting Montgomery County and the importance of thorough follow-through with constituent requests. My apprenticeship made possible a smooth transition when I became the only freshman senator in 1977. Since then I have been a sponsor of the open meetings law, the sunset act (terminating 62 boards and commissions), the ethics bill and my own proposal to require covers for dump trucks. I've lived in Montgomery County for 23 consecutive years and am thus intimately familiar with the concerns of our community. Graduated B-CC ('57), then Georgetown College and Law.

Ethics: No. As sponsor of the 1978 ethics bill I fought for a strong new law. What we need first and foremost is an independent state ethics commission. A bill I hope to sponsor next year would prohibit gifts to public interest in the decision-making process. It is also important to codify existing regultions into statutory law.

Joseph D. Gebhardt, 32, of 5802 Namakagan Rd., Bethesda, is a Democrat. Profession - Public interest lawyer in Washington, specializing in consumer, federal employe, freedom-of-information and governmental corruption lawsuits.Offices - Elected delegate to 1976 and 1974 Democratic National Conventions representing 8th Congressional District; speaker and rules committee member, 1978 Convention. Presently - Federal commissioner, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin; president, Glen Mar Park Community Association; Democratic precinct vice chairman. Past - Member, National Democratic Commission on Presidential Nomination, 1976-78; chairman, County Democratic Task Force on Campaign Finance Reform, 1977-78; state coordinator, Coalition to Reform Elections, 1975, staff counsel, National Democratic Voter Registration Drive, 1972. Co-author, "Offenses of Richard M. Nixon" (1974 paperback). Education - Harvard law School, JD 1971; president, Harvard Law Graduate Democratic Club. Cornell College (Iowa), BA 1968; Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, student body president, football and wrestling - five varsity letters. Belong to Church of the Little Flower. Married to Suzy Karpel, father of Daniel and Sara.

Ethics: Maryland's ethics laws need significant strengthening, including 1) prohibition on all gifts by interested parties to elected and appointed officials, 2) strict uniform standards concerning financial disclosure and conflicts of interest to govern all top state and county officials, 3) closing of reporting loopholes in lobbying law. Candidates should disclose campaign finances quarterly and 30 days before primary elections. We need a single ethics board to enforce these laws and public financing in certain elections. House

(Vote for 3)

Marilyn Goldwater, 51, of 5508 Durbin Rd, Bethesda, is a Democrat. Elected 1974, Maryland House of Delegates. Member, Appropriations Committee; Sub-committees - Health and Environment, Zero-base Budget, Joint Pension Committee; Joint Corrections Committee; chair-Legislative-University Council; Southern Regional Education Board; Governor's Mental Health Task Force; COG's Health and Environmental policy Committee. Legislation sponsored and enacted includes: part-time, flex-time employment, day care for medically handicapped, Commission on Juvenile Justice, health insurance benefits for nurse-midwife services, driver's license identitifacation photo, respite care for mentally retarded. Registered nurse, honorary faculty associate, Maryland University School of Nursing.Honors: Who's Who in American Politics, Nurse of the year in Recognition of Legislative Achievement, Maryland Nurse Association. Nineteen years involvement in PTAs, civic and political organizations gave me a broad knowledge of community needs and problems. My record for the past four years in office demonstrates that I have been responsive and worked effectively for openness, honesty, accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Ethics: No. Codify all the existing legislative rules and executive orders into one comprehensive law with uniform standards for all. Empower ethics board to monitor and enforce as well as penalize for violations. Extend coverage to appropriate officials, boards and commissions.

Nancy K. Kopp, 34, of 6301 Dahlonega Rd., Bethesda, is a Democrat. Vice chairman, House Appropriations Subcommittee. Chairman, Joint Committee Evaluating Management of State Programs . Chairman, Legislative Study Group; member, Energy Policy Committee. Dedicated to making state government more effective, accountable, Kopp worked for open meetings, lobbyist regulation, campaign reform laws. She chairs Legislative Study Group, a "small band of reform-minded legislators (which has) effectively . . . shaken the entrenched leadership" (Baltimore Sun), and successfully fought to require recorded committee votes, advance public notice of meetings. Deeply involved in budget reform movement, Kopp helped enact Maryland's "zero-based budget" and "sunset" laws, and chairs a committee conducting in-depth evaluations of state programs, aimed at eliminating waste. Kopp's legislative successes include: energy conservation laws, stricter utility regulation, community-based programs for handicapped, tenants' rights, privacy protection. A former congressional staff member, university instructor, Kopp is married, has one child. Community activities include: League Women Voters, AAUW, Women's Commission and civic associations. Honors of graduate, Wellesley, University of Chicago.

Ethics: No. A revised ethics law should: 1) codify, consolidate all statutes and nonstatutory provisions concerning conflict of interest, financial disclosure for officials in executive and legislative branches at all levels; 2) consolidate investigative, enforcement powers over ethics and campaign practices laws under one independent ethics commission; 3) prohibit receipt of gifts form persons doing business with the state, and 4) regulate extra-governmental and post-governmental employment of persons in decision-making positions.

Constance A. Morelia, 47, of 6601 Milwood Rd., Bethesda, is a Republican. Professor, Montgomery College, trustee, Capitol Institute f Technology; vice chairman, C&O Canal Park Commission; League of Women Voters, Maryland Citizens Consumer Council; Service Academy Review Boards for Congressman Steers and former president, Montgomery County Commission for Women; AB, Boston University; resident for 24 years.

Ethics: I shall sponsor needed, uniform ethics legislation applicable to elected and appointed officials including: full financial disclosure, conflict of interest prohibitions with restrictions on outside employment and a ban on gifts from sources whose interests are affected by policymakers' decisions.

John T. Perrin, 44, of 5606 Pioneer La., Bethesda, is a Republican. Perrin, president of CTM Leasing Corp., holds a BA and an MA degree in the political science and economics field. Perrin is a well-known consumer advocate and is current chairman of the Montgomery County Advisory Committee on Consumer Affairs. As a successful businessman, he has served on the National Advisory Council to the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business. He has served on the Academy Review Board for Congressman Newton I. Steers Jr. As an experienced leader in his community, Perrin is thoroughly familiar with the issues of his districts. Among the organizations that has been active in: Hillmead Citizens Associations; president, Bethesda Fire Board; director, Washington Chapter of the Reserve Officers Association; president, Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rotary Club; Partners for Youth YMCA Project. John Perrin lives in Bethesda with his wife Joan and their two children.

Ethics: The code of ethics for the House and Senate must be made into statutory law. The present code of ethics is sound, but ineffective because it is not binding by law. If made into statutory law it should include post-employment restrictions and strict penalties for conflicts of interest by state elected and appointed officials. The now fragmented ethics agencies should be centralized to provide a more efficient flow of information in a cost effective manner.

John X. Ward, 52, of 7801 Maple Ridge Rd., Bethesda, is a Democrat. House of Delegates; BS, American University; MBA, George Washington University, Bethesda Coalition; Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School PTSA board member. As a member of the Economic Matters Committee, I supported all legislation to protect consumers. My management training enabled me to effectively serve on the Medical Malpractice Committee and the Joint Committee for the Port of Baltimore. The port is the largest single income producer for the state. Service as board member of local, county and state PTSAs, helped to translate the needs of parents and educators into effective legislation. As an economist, I realized that cost cutting is imperative to reducing taxes. My bill recently enacted by the governor, eliminates unfilled state positions. Within two months, 165 positions were cut and $2 million saved. Locally, I have worked to ensure that the voice of our citizens was heard at public hearings on zoning matters that could displace and disrupt their communities.

Ethics: The present ethics code is a foot-dragging sham that must be replaced by a law with teeth and penalties to restore public confidence in government. A law that will apply to both legislative and executive personnel, providing for strict controls on gifts and amenities and outlawing all donations by lobbyists for political campaigns. However, it will be the enforcement by a board of public spirited citizens that will prevent the continuance of conflicts of interest.

Graham B. Weaver, 35, of 5314 McKinley St., Bethesda, is a Republican. Weaver came to Bethesda in 1958 and became active in civic and political affairs at an early age. He holds a BA in government from American University. After serving in the Navy, Weaver established congressional liaison offices for the Federal Water Quality Administration and its successor, the Environmental Protection Agency. Subsequently, he was a legislative analust in the private sector. His legislative experience is unique for a nonincumbent. He has drafted bills, written testimony and legislative articles, made policy recommendations and testified before federal and state legislative committees. Weaver has diligently served his community as president of the Edgewood-Glenwood Citizens Association and as cochairman of the legislative committee of the Montgomery County Civic Federation. He successfully fought passage of legislation to raise the county's income tax. Weaver was also county cochairman of the Neighbor to Neighbor Drive and cochairman of the county President Ford campaign.

Ethics: Current ethics laws are grossly inadequate. The ethics bill which was killed by the present House of Delegates should be enacted after being strengthened by broadening the financial disclosure requirements and applying all of its state legislators. A joint committeeon governmental ethics of the legislature, equally divided between the two parties should be created to establish the legislative oversight over Maryland's governors which has been absent in recent years. 17th District Senate

Albert N. Nunn, 40, of 2 Crestview Ct., Rockville, is a Republican. Married with two children. Prior to settling in Montgomery County in 1969, served as a Marine Corps captain; piloted 65 combat missions; awarded 18 military decorations, among them five air medals with oak leaf clusters. Presently, a 727 copilot with American Airlines. Community service: Cofounded two civic associations and served on executive boards of both, vice president of one; officer in Potomac and Gaithersburg Rotary clubs and has worked with Boy Scouts as Pack treasurer, the PTAs of two schools and is a member of the Knights of Columbus, American Legion Post 105 and is chairman of the Soical Committee of Allied Pilots Association Republican Party. Twice an award-winning precinct chairman (1976-1978 - member of the Montgomery Young Republicans, the MC Republican Club (vice president for two years) and a member of the Men's Republican Club.

Ethics: there is at present time no code of ethics covering part-time employes including members of the House of Delegates and state Senate. A code of ethics should be establised to cover members of the General Assembly which could be established by and enforced by a committee set up in each House ethics committee and Senate ethics committee. These committees should consist of members of the respective branches.

S. Frank Shore, 42, of 11230 Troy Rd., Rockville, is a Democrat. Born in Washington, D.C., Dec. 3, 1935, attended McKinley Tech. High School, graduate St. Anthony's High School, attended Labor Studies Institute Penn State University and American University, served Army Signal Corps, married, five children; presently communications representative, C&P Telephone Co. member. Communications Workers of American, American Legion, Elks, Eagles, St. Jude's Choir, member, House of Delegates since 1971.


(Vote for 3)

Eleanore Ara, 53, of 16405 Grade Vista Dr., Derwood, is a Republican. Twenty-five years grass-roots civic, political and church activists in both civillian and military communities. Boards daycare centers, PTA, civic associations. Scouts, Altar Guild, Diocesan Convention delegate, Republican clubs, League of Women Voters, Navy Relief (fundraising), teacher church school.Degree - political acience, Hood College. Veteran U.S. Navy. Married, five children Resident, Montgomery County 10 years.

Ethics: Personal, ethical behavior is currently covered by several articles in the code, but what Maryland needs is a single piece of ethics legislation applying to all elected and appointed officials. It must cover conflict of interest, financial disclosure, gifts, lobbying and post government employment. All to be monitored by a board with investigative and enforcement powers. Must be definitive enough to preclude "accidental," unethical behavior.

Jennie M. Forehand, 42, of 712. Smallwood Rd, Rockville, is a Democrat. Forehand has a BS in industrial relations (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) and is a former teacher, reporter, juvenile probation officer and small business owner. Since moving to Rockville in 1962, she has been a homemaker, consumer advocate, community leader and an innovative force in health, nutrition, education and environmental activities. Their two children attend Richard Montgomery High School, where Forehand is active in PTSA. In 1974, Forehand led a successful campaign to halt construction of the Shady Grove pathological waste incinerator. She was instrumental in getting the county to shut down the malfunctioning incinerator in the Bockville area. Her major civic accomplishment include: Rockville Civic Improvement Commission, former chairman; County Health Services Planning Board, chairman education and community involvement; state Mental Health Council; Board of Education's Medical Advisory Committee; Lung Association, board of directors.

Ethics: An independent ethics commission would coordinate currently fragmented activities. Investigations could be more frequently initiated. More attention should be given to ways of prohibiting gifts from lobbyists and others who have financial interests. Full financial disclosure might not need to be as stringent for members of some volunteer boards and commissions as for elected officials.

Paul McGuckian, 49, of 105 Wall St., Rockville, is a Democrat. Graduate of Montgomery Blair High School, Dickinson College, GWU Law School. Married to Eileen McGuckian, have two children and am in private practice of law in Rockville. My professional experience includes: counsel to the Montgomery County delegation to the General Assembly from 1973-1978, former assistant county attorney; former special counsel to the Montgomery County Planning Board and special counsel to the City of Rockville for redistricting; general counsel to the Housing Opportunities Commission. My community activities include: past president, West End Citizens Association; participant in Federation of Rockville Citizens Associations; past steering committee member of Maryland Citizens Lobby for Clean Politics; member of County Council Task Force on Real Property Assessment Practices; member of boards of directors of three moderate-income apartment developments for the elderly; Rockville and Montgomery County Chambers of Commerce; Democratic precinct chairman.

Ethics: No. There is lacking an effective enforcement body. Also, what are now executive regulations should be made law legislature.

Joseph E. Owens, 60, of 13619 Grenoble Dr., Rockville, is a Democrat. Owens, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, was born in Washington, D.C. He attended McKinley Technical High School and received an LLB and LIM from Columbus University. He spent 20 years in the Army, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. Presently practicing law in Rockville. Elected to the House of Delegates in 1970 and became chairman of the Judiciary Committee in 1973. He is vice chairman of the House Rules Committee, vice chairman of the Medical Mal-practice Commission and a member of the Policy Committee. He serves on the Rules Committee of the Court of Appeals, Montgomery County Criminal Justice Commission, Governor's Commission on Judicial Reform, Criminal Information Advisory Board, Domestic Relations Commission, ERA Commission and the Commission on Sovereign Immunity. He is a past president of the Wheaton Woods Citizen Assiciation, former member of the St. Jude's Parish Council, member of VFW. First Division Society, Retired Officers Association and Friendly Sons of St. patrick.

Ethics: present laws covering state employes are by executive order and should be enacted as a statute. There should be one law covering all state employes and officials. Consideration should be given to those serving in volunteer-type positions when the reporting requirements are not relevant to any possible conflict of interest.

Luiz Simmons, 29, of 10 Eton Overlook, Rockville, is a Republican. Simmons, formerly general counsel to Rep. Newton Steers, is a commissioner on the Rockville Human Rights Commission. He is the founder and director of a nonprofit corporation which provides free legal services to the elderly. Luiz serves as executive director of the Montgomery Prince George's Continuing Legal Education Institute, Inc. He formerly served as director of the Narcotics Rehabilitation Project of the Institute for the Study of Health and Society. Luiz has written for the editorial pages of The Washington Star and the Christian Science Monitor. He is married to the former Claire Goldstein, of Rockville.

Ethics: I propose a prohibition on contributions to political campaigns from groups doing business with the state and the establishment of a single ethics commission consolidating over-sight of conflict of interest, financial disclosure and lobby laws for legislative and executive branch officials. 18th District Senate

Donald H. Dulton, 73, of 8003 Springdell Place. Chevy Chase, is a Republican.

Lawyer, veteran, civic leader. I have been vice chairman of the Republican Central Committee for Montgomery County, 1978; on the board of directors of the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia and the Bar Association of the District of Columbia; formerly on the board of the Sssociation of Plaintiffs Trial Lawyer and the JAG Association; former vice president of the D.C. Bar Association. During World War II, I served as war plans officer in the Navy Department and at sea on aircraft carriers. Education: Naval Academy, University of Chicago, JD at Georgetown University Law Center, graduate work at Yale and Columbai. Member, Naval Academy Alumni Association, Yale Club of Washington, Columbia University Club, Army and Navy Club, National Press Club, Lincoln Group. Married, four children.

Ethics: No. Bascially officials of the State of Maryland have a public trust and the ethics of all branches of the government should be of the highest order. The legislative and the judicial branches should have a code of ethics more stringent than at the present time.

Margaret C. Schweinhaut, of 3601 Saul Rd., Kensington, is a Democrat. Collins family in Montgomery County since 1972. I have served in the House of Delegates and Senate for 20 years. Have arrived at point of leadership most help to constitutents. Prime interests: needs of elderly, handicapped, equitable taxation, education. One of three woment in state Senate.

Ethics: I doubt that any law will guarantee ethical conduct if a public servant is not an ethical person. However, present laws are not stringent enough and I hope to work in this area during the coming session. House (Vote for 3)

Daniel J. Boyle, 32, 1416 Woodside Pkwy., Silver Spring, is a Republican. As a family physician, I can look at state government from a new point of view. Training experience in family medicine is oriented toward solving human problems. We treat the whole person, not simply a specific complaint. The "wholeistic" approach is needed in Annapolis. More than 400 bills introduced in the General Assembly last year dealt with health care. It's time for Montgomery County to have a health care expert elected to the legislature who understands problems that range from the health care needs of our elderly citizens to licensing of paramedical personnel. I am married with five children. I am a member of the Woodside Park Civic Association and a former member of the citizens advisory board for the sex education curriculum for Montgomery County schools.

Ethics: No. Current ethics laws are woefully inadequate. There should be uniform code of ethics for all branches of government administered by one agency. This agency should have appropriate enforcement powers. The specific areas that should be investigated include: campaign financing, conflict o finterest and personal financial disclosure.

John Dean, 50, of 1110 Fidler La., Silver Spring, is a Republican. Dean is a self-employed attorney in general civil practice. He has lived in Montgomery County for almost 18 years and was a homeowner for 14 of those years, reared three children here and has two grandchildren. He has a master's degree in business administration, as well as a juris doctor degree and has taught financial and general business management at two iniversities, has held prior elective office as a city councilman in East Palestive, Ohio. He had 8 1/2 years services in the Army during World War II and the Korean Conflict, in ranks from private to captian. Since then he has had 25 years experience in business management and law practice. He is active in community groups, including the Kiwanis Club of Silver Spring, the Men's Guild of Holy Cross Hospital, the Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce and a number of professional organizations.

Ethics: No. The legislature should enact a complete code of ethics, applicable not only to elected officials and executive department employes, but equally applicable to the legislative and judicial branches. Present statute permits too much latitude to the governor and agency heads for determination of violations and corrective measures. The code of ethics and financial disclosure requirements should be clarified and detailed, not subject to substantial administrative interpretation as at present, and should he rigidly enforced.

Donald R. Re. between, 47, of 7908 Delaware St., Chevy Chase, is a Democrat. Incumbent. Elected to House of Delegates, 1970; reelected, 1974, Chairman, Montgomery Delegation since 1971. Standing committees: Constitutional and Administrative Law (present), Judiciary and Ways and Means. Special committees: public Service Commission (present), State Tax Stroture, Campaign Financing, Constitutional Revision, Family Law and Washington Suburbas Sanitary Commission (chairman). Other current committees: Ethics and Elections, National Conference of State Legislatures, Maryland Legislative Study Group, Ethics Committee, Maryland Democratic Party. Background: Chevy Chase-Silver Spring resident since birth. Cherlin College. Columbia Law School Lawyer. Coauthor, "Recent Development in Natural Gas Regulation by the FPC." Married. Four children.

Ethics: No. We must repair Maryland's image. A single board (replacing several existing boards) should be established to provide uniform administration and enforcement. Tighter and more uniform conflicts-of-interest standards should be established for all levels and branches of government. The financial disclosure, lobbying and related existing laws should be reviewed and amended to clarify, to coordinate with other ethics laws and to eliminate loopholes (e.g., the thresholds in the lobbyist disclosure law).

David L. Scull, 35, of 8717 Susanna La., Chevy Chase, is a Democrat. A public interest lawyer, elected in 1974, has pioneered a wide range of successful reforms: Clean government authored Maryland's 1974 public financing of elections law and administration's comprehensive 1978 ethics bill (did not pass but was partially enacted by executive order after the session, efficient government - authored Maryland's new zero-base budgeting and sunset laws, to scrutinize state expenditures; legal system reform - authored 1978 law to "de-lawyer" uncontested procedures such as prpbate and divorce by permitting court personnel to assist the public; women, minorities, handicapped - drafted Maryland's 1978 statute creating 10 percent preference in state contracts for women, minorities and handicapped; animal care - authored 1975 animal cruelty law and 1978 pet overpopulation law.Appropriations Committee; chairman, subcommittees on Zero-Base Budgeting, Sunset Laws, Bi-County Matters and Land Records. Silver Spring native; AB, Princeton University (high honors); JD, University of Virginia.

Ethics: Maryland still needs comprehensive ethics legislation, with strict uniform standards prescribing what a potential conflicting "interest" is and requiring dislosure of such interests. All three branches of government and local officials should be covered (a majority of localities are still ignoring a 1973 state law mandating enactment of local financial disclosure codes). A centralized board of ethics with real investigatory powers should replace the five weak boards now exercising jurisdiction in this area.

Patricia R. Sher, 47, of 1916 Rookwood Rd., Silver Spring, is is a Democrat. As one who has spent many years working for human causes, I feel I can make my experience a constructive part of government. I have a proven record as a team player and feel this will be a very valuble asset in Annapolis, where it is very important to work with all kinds of people. I am a homemaker, a consumer, a mother of four, a full-time student at the University of Maryland, a grassroots civic organizer, an activist in the fields of youth and young adult problems. As a nonlawyer with 22 years of political experience, I offer the General Assembly an additional perspective to the needs of people, a role that will be complementary to the delegates from this district.

Ethics: No. An ethics law must be enacted to prohibit officials and employes of all branches of government from using public office for private gain or giving preferential treatment to anyone; and prohibit the solicitation or acceptance of gifts from those regulated by or doing business with the state, and to prohibit acting where a conflict of interest exists.

I oreaxa D. Simmons, 46 of 10225 Kensington Pkwy., Kensington, is a Republican. I am currently chairwoman of the American of the American Indian and Alaskan Indian Women Continuing Committee for Women. I have been chairwoman of the District's Small Business Advisory Council and a member of the subcommittees of Banking and Finance, Minorfied, Women and Advocacy. Other position include: Parent dicector, Kensington Day Cure Center; participant, Task Force on Women Business Owners Conference and Report; vice president, Kensington Elementary School PTA; human relations liaison, Kensington Elementary School; vice president, WLS Design Associates, Ltd; member, Elementary Extended Inc. Committee-Child Care Center, Kensington Elementary School, and member, Holy Redeemer Church.

Ethics: No. We have seen what has gone on in Maryland and if I am elected I will help to restore the trust, the respect and confidence in the rule of law. Present legislature must be studied to be absolutely sure if guarantees this, and if not proper action taken to assure it will. 19th District Senate

Sidney Krammer, 53, of 11500 Gilsan St., Silver Spring, is a Democrat. College, George Washington University, majors in physics and chemistry. Member of the Montgomery County Council, 1970-74, vice chairman of the council 1974, chairman, Public Safety Committee of the Metro-Washington Council of Governments 1972-74; member of the Task Force for Water Resources Planning and Management. Member of the Board of Trustees of Holy Cross Hospital, Boys and Girls Club of Silver Spring and Temple Israel.

Ethics: I favor an undiluted Birns-Hoyer bill which would establish a state ethics commission for regulation and enforcement. It should codify present disjointed standards and laws dealing with conflicts of interest for both state employes and elected officials. Prohibition of gifts by regulated industry and vested interest groups to government and elected officials. House (Vote for 3)

Mary S. Akerley, 43, of 10609 Glenwild Rd., Silver Spring, is a Republican. Volunteer lobbyist on social issues with eight years experience both in Annapolis and on the Hill; coauthor of several laws. Free-lance writer and lecturer and human services and political process; consultant to several state and federal agencies, with a working knowledge of all levels of government. Former teacher of English, French and world history in Ohio and Maryland. Active citizen involved with PTA (Four Corners, several offices), Scouts, church (St. Bernadette's Sunday School), school board elections and community organizations; past president, national, state and county societies for autistic children; past president, Montgomery County chapter, Trinity College Alumnae Association; member, Maryland State Council of Developmental Disabilities, and delegate to the White House Conference on the Handicapped (gubernatorial appointments). Married, four children. Resident of Maryland for 20 years, 13 in Montgomery County.

Ethics: Present executive order does not cover legislators - it should. There should be a duly empowered independent body to enforce a stricter law. This body should verify campaign contribution statements, financial disclosures, etc., and enforce laws governing gifts to public officials (the presently permitted exceptions should be revoked).

Idamae Garrott, 61, of 13115 Estelle Rd., Wheaton, is a Democrat. As the only candidate for House of Delegates in either party who has ever served on the Montgomery County Council. I would bring the delegation to understanding that comes from experience at the local level. Eight years on the council (president, 1971). Member of council committees on taxation, health, planning, housing. Wrote county consumer protection law. Helped initiate landlord-tenant law. Sponsored bills prohibiting discrimination based on sex. Wrote condominium protection law. Worked for moderate-income housing. Advocated measures to help senior citizens and young people. My state-oriented background includes: teaching state government chairperson, state government committee, League of Women Voters; officer, Maryland Association of Counties; author, Maryland tax study. Served as president of the League of Women Voters, Council of Governments, Humane Society. Honors include honorary doctor of laws degree; ORT award; Allied Civic Group award "for legislation in the taxpayers' interest;" Montgomery County Civic Federation cup.

Ethics: No. Consolidate ethics functions in an ethics commission and give it real power - to investigate possible wrong-doing, initiate legal proceedings and subpoena records and witnesses.Require all important state officials to disclose fully their holdings and income. Prohibit gifts over a minimal amount from those affected by an official's actions. Put one-year freeze on state employes working for a firm doing business with the employees' agencies. Require county governments to enact substantially similar laws.

Helen L. [WORD ILLEGIBLE] 56, of 3416 Highview Ct., Whenton, is a Democrat. Elected to the House of Delegates in 1970 and 1974; member of Constitutional and Administrative Law and Rules committees; chairman, Joint Committee on Legislative Ethics. Member, Ethics and Elections Committee, National Conference of State Legislatures. Delegate, Maryland Constitutional Convention, 1967-68; chairman, Committee on Suffrage and Elections; President Maryland League of Women Voters 1963-67. Member, Board of Visitors, Bowie State College 1970-75. Member, Governor's commissions on reapportionment, blue laws, campaign financing; Montgomery County task force on community education. Graduate, Ellenville (N.Y.) High School; Bennington (Vt.) College. Wheaton resident since 1951. Winner, 1978 Ann London Scott Award for legislative excellence, NOW; 1978 Certificates of Merit, AAUW, NAACP.

Ethics: State ethics laws must be strengthened. All provisions governing state employes and elected officials should be combined into a single law, under uniform administration. Provisions should bar conflicts of interest and law should provide for stringent and immediate enforcement mechanism. Provisions should be tailored to office covered and consideration must be given to volunteer and ad hoc bodies.

Lucille Maurer, 55, of 1023 Forest Glen Rd., Silver Spring is a Democrat. Judged one of the legislature's "Ten Best" by "Baltimore" magazine, she is vice chairwoman of the Montgomery delegation and chairs the Joint Intergovernmental Cooperation COmmission. She serves on Ways and Means and chairs the Education Subcommittee. Prior to entering the General Assembly in 1969, she served on the county Board of Education and as a Montgomery College trustee during 1960-68 and was elected to the Maryland Constitutional Convention-Widely recognized for her role in shaping education and fiscal policy, she coauthored the Lee-Maurer school aid formula, saving the county $20 million. She successfully led the fight for strengthened child neglect and abuse laws. A graduate of the University of North Carolina, she has an MA from Yale Silver Spring resident since 1950. Her husband, Ely, is an assistant legal adviser in the U.S. State Department. They have three grown sons.

Ethics: The ethics laws are not stringent enough. The executive order covering the executive branch should be replaced by a comprehensive law applicable to the executive and legislative branches of state government and to appropriate local officials. To further strengthen the law I support adding provisions to centralize administration, to apply uniform standards throughout state government and to include ways to trigger enforcement such as the use of financial disclosure information as a crosscheck.

Herbert Stone Rosenberg, 57, of 14225 Peartree La., Silver Spring, is a Republican. My earnest desire to give needed, year-around representations; my sincere conviction that the present incumbents' performance in office leads to much of the voter-taxpayer frustration in my district; and my honest conviction that I can serve better - more forcefully and more responsively; these are the motivations that I feel enhance my experience and expertise to lead. I offer balance and perspective. I am married 35 years; seen four daughters grown and out on their own, been made a proud grandfather; have worked as a sales representative to make the above possible. Have always felt a duty and responsibility to serve my country as a veteran of World War II, post commander in the American Legion and command sergeant major with 29 years in the active reserve, precinct chairman and central committeeman.

Ethics: At their new salaries there is no justification for any elected, appointed official or state employe to accept any "freebie" for themselves, immediate family or business association from anybody (food, liquor, gifts, tickets, "inside" tips, etc.). The secretary of state should be authorized to receive a public monthly report of all such actions. 20th District Senate

Victor L. Crawford, 46, of 9417 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, is a Democrat. Elected to the House of Delegates, 1967, and member of state Senate since 1969. Born: Richmond, Va. Area resident since 1942. Graduate of Hargrave Military Academy, University of Maryland and Georgetown Law School. Practicing attorney in Rockville and member of the Maryland, D.C. Montgomery and American bar associations.

Crawford is the chairman of the Montgomery County senators, chairman of the Budget and Audit Committee, member of the Senate Policy Committee and member of the Budget and Taxation Committee. He is a recognized expert in the tax law. His responsible fiscal leadership has permitted beneficial changes to ease the county's tax burden.

Crawford is a member of the Commission to Study the Implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment; Commission on Judicial Reform; Task Force to Study Purchasing and Procurement in the State.

Ethics: No. I believe that there should be full and complete disclosure of all state officials including judges. House (Vote for 3)

Stewart Bainum Jr., 32, of 9039 Sligo Creek Pkwy., Silver Spring, is a Democrat. Previous experience in public life: BA - Pacific Union College, 1968. MBA-UCLA, 1970. Chairman, Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee's Task Force on Public Transportation, 1977-78. Chairman, executive committee, Silver Spring Development Council, 1976-77. Board of Alliance for Democratic Reform, 1974-75, 1977-78. Member, Coalition United to Reform Elections, 1975, 1977. Member of Common Cause, 1977-78.

Ethics: No. Conflict of Interest - consolidate present laws and rules into one statute. Apply the same standards to all elected officials and employes of the state, county and municipal governments.Prohibit gifts from a person doing business with the state. Create an independent and strong board of ethics with investigative and enforcement powers. Financial disclosures - require them of all state and local elected officials and higher salaried employes. Lobbyist disclosures - extend requirements to executive branch lobbying.

Sheila Ellis Hixson, 44, of 1008 Broadmore Cir., Silver Spring, is a Democratic. A member of the Maryland General Assembly since 1976, she has established a legislative reputation as a strong advocate of consumer legislation. As as delegate from the 20th District, she serves on the Environment Matters Committee and as vice chairperson of the Montgomery-Prince George's County Joint Committee.

Previously served on Montgomery County Democratic State Central Committee. While holding precinct chairperson positions, Hixson was employed for 10 years as the legal aide to Democratic National Committee Secretary, Dorothy V. Bush.

Educated at Northern Michigan College; subsequently served as Head Start teacher while raising four children, who attend Montgomery County schools. An active member of the Epiphany Lutheran Church and a former officer of the PTA, Hixson is also a past commander of the Disabled American Veterans' Auxiliary.

Ethics: By enforcing current laws we can minimize the need to revise the existing laws. However, I would support stronger reporting provisions and will vote for them.

Ida G. Ruben of 11 Schindler Ct., Silver Spring, is a Democrat. Resident Montgomery County, 16 years. Member House of Delegates four years. Economic Matters Committee, Joint Committee on Open Space; County Delegation SubCommittee chairperson, State Democratic Party Ethics Committee. HEW panelist on Medicaid. Seminars and workshops in human relations, group dynamics, leadership training, organizational development. B'nai B'rith Women's International treasurer, B'nai B'rith Women's International Board (two terms). White House conferences on Youth, Handicapped and Aging; Montgomery County Ad Hoc Committee to Study the Status of Women. Conducted and moderated leadership and community services workshops. Former national Anti-Defamation League commissioner; currently member of League advisory committee. Legal Aid Society, 10 years experience as administrative secretary and legal assistant. Major legislation: used truck inspection, adult protective services, Medicaid payment for health day care centers.

Ethics: Establishment of a strong state ethics commission with power to enforce ethics statutes. Application of ethics laws to state and local elected and appointed officials. Requirement for full disclosure of personal finances by candidates and public officials. Stringent limitations on gifts to public officials. Disqualification of public officials to act in matters when they have a conflict of interest. Penalties for violations of the statutes.

Quinn Scamahorn, 22, of 600 Wayne Ave, Silver Spring, is a Republican. Special assistant to former Sen. Bill Brock. Supervise Republican National Committee fundraising program (1976-present); political development consultant; staff assistant - state Senator Denis (1978 session); citizens advocate - Maryland General Assembly (1973 session); Montgomery County Advisory Committee on Energy Conservation, member; Montgomery County Republican Central Committee Registration chair; Board of Elections Deputy Registration Officer. Seven oaks Evanswood Civic Association, member (1974-present); broadcaster and writer (1974-76); congressional intern - the Hon. Gilbert Gude (summer 1973); U.S. Senate page - the Hon. Fred R. Harris.

Education: The American University (public communications, continuing education); University of Evansville (political science, broadcasting/general communication); Hariaxton College, England, (humanities).

Ethics: The current state ethics laws are insufficient. All elected officials, high ranking appointees of the legislative and executive branches and state merit employes in policy level positions should be required to make complete financial statements on an annual basis. Members of minor advisory boards and commissions should be exempted from disclosure.