Candidates were asked: Ethics: Are current state ethics laws governing state employes and elected officials stringent engough? if not, how would you change them? 21st District Senate

Julia Brown, 44, of 16109 Kenny Rd., Laurel, is a Republican.

Brown has been a public school teacher and is the founder and operator of the Julia Brown Montessori School in Laurel and Columbia. Serving in the latter capacity, she gained budgeting experience under conditions requiring maximum efficiency.

She has a degree in primary education from Appalachian State University, a certificate in the Montessori method of education and certification in nursery school education from the University of Maryland. She is a past member of the St. Mary's Parish Council. A.A.U.Q., B.P.W., Laurel Women's Club and regent in the D.A.R. She is a current member of the Laurel Chamber of Commerce.

Ethics: Most of the widespread corruption in our state is due not to lack of sufficient ethics laws but to the difficulty in detecting and posecuting for corrupt criminal acts. Though I favor closing loopholes in the ethics laws, I fell it is even more important to direct the necessary law enforcement talent toward catching corrupt officials.

Arthur Dorman, 51, of 11107 Montgomery Rd., Beltsville, is a Democrat. Dorman was elected to the Senate in 1974, a member of the Senate Economic Affairs and Executive Nominations Committees. Known as the "father" of the public information law, he is active in legislation dealing with consumer protection, handicapped services, traffic safety and health. Sen. Dorman is chairman of the Legislative Advisory Council to the Southern Regional Education Board. He was a member of the House, where he served as SPeaker Pro-tem and chairman of the county delegation. Sen. Dorman was named national optometrist of the year in 1968.He is active in professional organizations; the county Boys and Girls Club, several PTAs, the VFW and the Beltsville Citizens Association. Dorman served on teh Commission to Study Educational Needs of Handicapped Children and the Mental Health Law Revision Commission. He was recently appointed to study Maryland's driver education program. Dorman and his wife Betty have three daughters and a son.

Ethics: Current ethics laws for state employes and elected officials are not stringent enough. The Maryland Senator passes a bill to take care fo this problem, only to have it defeated in the House. All state officials must report possible areas of conflict of interest and these should be kept on file with the secretary of state. Additionally, state officials should not appear before nay agency representing anyone for pay. House (Vote for 3)

Kay G. Bienan, 40, of 12411 Radnor La., Laurel, is a Democrat. Elected to House of Delegates, 1974. Serve on Environmental Matters Committee, Joint Energy Committee, Commission to Study to Public Service Commission. Chaired the subcommittee which enacted statewide flood control measures. Introduced or supported successful legislation relating to energy, the environment, tax reform, the handicapped, fiscal responsibility and election reform. Chair the county's Child and Adolescent Abuse Advisory Committee. Board member: Prince George's Mental Health Association, Coalition for Handicapped Children, Laurel-Beltsville Oasis, College park Youth Services Bureau. Member: Laurel Art Guild, Oaklands Citizens Association, PTAs, League of Women Voters. Committed to "people politics" and direct citizen involvement in the legislative process. BA in psychology from Skidmore College, plus graduate work at the University of Maryland.

Ethics: No meaningful ethics law governing elected officials and state employes at this time. Disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest must by mandated. Elected officials and policy making state employes should list, as specifically as possible, from whom all their sources of income are derived. This is the public's right to know. There must be penalties for violations and an ethics board with enforcement powers.

Christopher T. Connolly, 25, of 11360 Evans Trail, Beltsville, is a Republican. Connolly has been a P.G. County resident all his life. A graduate of Towson State University in 1974, he Served as senior class president. He has a bachelor of science degree in business administration.

Connolly, married, is regional marketing manager for a heavy equipment company. He graduated from DeMatha High School, where he played basketball and football. In addition to his university involvement, he had an active concern in the community as well. A volunteer coach for several years for the Boys Club teams, he attempted to develop the youths athletically as well as socially. Connolly intends to apply his business background to the economic problems and opportunities facing the state.

Ethics: The current state ethics laws governing state employes and elected officials are not stringent enough. In light of the fact that these laws govern the very people who make them, I doubt that they will ever be quite stringent enough. Therefore, I recommend reassigning this responsibility to a more unbiased source, making it autonomous of the state employes and officials.

Timothy F. Maloney, 22, of 4305 Josephine Ave., Beltsville, is a Democrat. State field coordinator, Steve Sachs for Attorney General campaign, 1977-78. County campaign manager, U.S. Senator Sarbanes, 1976. Staff aide, national higher education association, 1973-77. Prince George's County summer youth employment coordinator, 1971-72. U.S. Senate staff aide, 1969-70. Led successful referendum drive to stop omnibus tax and worked to stop WSSC rate incrases. Active in Prince George's County Civic Federation, Beltsville-Vansville Citizens' Association, Knights of Columbus and local 692, ALF-CIO Retail Clerks.

Ethics: No. Justice Brandeis put it best: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant." I support the Birns proposal for full disclosure of assets, income and gifts for all elected and top elected officials. Tough conflict of interest laws are needed to prevent businessmen and lawyers from profiting from their positions in the legislature.

Pauline H. Menes, 54, of 3517 Marlbrough Way, College park, is a Democrat. As a fulltime legislator with 12 years of experience I have been proven to be qualified for public office. I serve on Constitutional and Administrative Law Committee, Special Joint COmmittee on Corrections, the State Commission on Aging and the Maryland Arts Council.

A BA in economics earned at Hunter College proves useful in making judgments affecting the economic health of the individual and our state. For many years I worked in the community as a volunteer organizing and serving in such diverse organizations as PTAs, civic associations, the Cancer Crusade, Family Services of Prince George's County, Mothers March on Polio. I remain involved in the local Youth Service Bureau, Mental Health Association, Business and Professional Women's Club and Student Internship Advisory Council.

These responsibilities give me insight into the needs and aspirations of my community.

Ethics: Present law must be revised to clarify conflict of interest of unethical conduct. It should cover all state elected and appointed officials and employes and require local governments to develop statutes. Penalties must be included for noncompliance by a strong "ethics commission."

M. Jean Speicher, 53, of 12209 Shadetree La., Laurel, is a Republican. A native Nebraskan, I have resided in Prince George's County for 22 years. My many civic activities include planning and zoning matters, restoration of Montpelier Mansion and construction of Montpelier Cultural Center. I was instrumental in securing the new Montpelier Station post office and, while on the Consumer protection Commission, helped prepare legislation regulating door-to-door sales, TV and small appliance repairs and mechanics licensing bill. For two years, I was chairman, Family Life Bureau, Archdiocese of Washington, dealing with approximately 2,000 persons. I am knowledgeable in county and state issues and hope to accomplish even more for the 21st District as a delegate in Annapolis.

Ethics: Current state ethics laws are not stringent enough. The present laws are weakened by the use of part-time boards to regulate their implementation. By this dispersion of authority, the laws become ineffective. I feel a state ethics commission must be established by law composed of members of both major political parties with powers to act. This commission should address financial disclosure, lobbyists' reports, contributions to candidates for public office, etc.

22nd District Senate

John J. Garrity, 44, of 3801 Calverton Dr., University Park, is a Democrat. Occupation: attorney-at-laws. Education: nuclear medicine, U.S. Navy: UNC and American University (BA journalism, 1960); American University Law School (juris doctor, 1961). Twelve years as assistant attorney general of Maryland; assistant state's attorney for Prince George's County; county commissioner; county councilman; state delegate, and state senator. As the Senate's only former prosecutor, Garrity was a moving force in the passage of law enforcement, municipal, consumer protection and ethics reform measures. As a member of the Ways and Means Committee, he played a key role in the passage of tax reform measures. Garrity is the recipient of the highly coveted 1978 State and Municiple League award for distinguished service. Garrity resides with his wife, Ann, a logistics management specialist for submarine warfare, and their two sons, Kevin and John. He has been active with the Prince George's County Boys and Girls Club as countywide director. Knights of Columbus, St. Mark's and the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick.

Ethics: While being mindful that you can't create honesty through mere legislation, the state now has at least the basic tools to help prevent abuses of public trust. The last four years have seen the creation of the office of state prosecutor, the requirement of open meetings at all levels of government and public reporting of campaign contributions as well as one's own personal holdings. The need now is to refine the conflict of interest laws, create a strong ethics committee with full investigatory powers and to strengthen the state prosecutor's office.In the end, however, the key element is that of electing men and women of integrity. House

(Vote for 3)

Virgil L. Bowers, 71, of 8806 23rd Ave., Hyattsville, is a Republican. 38 1/2 years experience in federal service (rural letter carrier); clerk in Washington City Post Office; foreman of stock room for Washington City Post Office; 11 years District Court Commissioner of Prince George's County. The latter gave me a comprehensive knowledge of local crime problems, a great respect for our local police departments, a desire to improve judicial procedures and controls over the parole and probation system. I have been in positions to observe vast governmental waste and bungling, both federal and state. If elected, I will be 75 years of age on completion of my term, so that I will not be a candidate for reelection and will have the energy and dedication to give it my best shot.

Ethics: Ethics laws are never better than the caliber of elected officials. There are already plenty of criminal laws and penalties for wrongdoers in public service. Few are ever indicted and fewer go to jail. The answer is election of honest, moral people - those who will not raise their own salaries in left-handed ways and will not "wheel and deal."

Anthony Cicoria, 36, of 5618 Baltimore Ave., Hyattsville, is a Democrat. Cicoria has been a lifelong resident of this area. After attending the University of Maryland, he established "Tony's Super Bowl," now one of the premier trophy shops in the Washington metropolitan area. As a successful businessman, he has become deeply involved with many civic and community groups throughout the 22nd Legislative District. He belongs to the Chamber of Commerce, the Hyattsville Businessman's Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He is also an active member of the Hyattsville Democrat Club, the Catholic War Veterans, serves as the coordinator of Citizens for Property Tax Reform, the Knights of Columbus, chairman of the advisory committee to the Small Business Administration, with the Governor's Commission on Police, plus various other senior citizen clubs. Cicoria has already received the endorsements of the teachers associations, the Fraternal Order of Police, plus various other community organizations, working and professional groups as well as civic and senior associations.

Ethics: We need qualified, dedicated people in our state government who will devote their time and efforts to the betterment of our state. To this end I would support and strongly advocate stringent changes in the state ethics law. Two areas that need definite revision are to invoke restrictions upon legislators who are paid by special interest groups in their normal course of business and then vote on their behalf when legislation comes before them. I am also in favor of stricter personal financial disclosure clauses. Political corruption must be dealt with severely if we are to effectively eliminate this form of abuse from our system.

David H. Elliott, 60, of 8800 23rd Ave., Adelphi, is a Republican. I have been a resident of Prince George's County for 24 years, spent three years with Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission and three years as chairman and commissioner of Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission; three years as member of Central Committee; twice president and vice president of Adelphi Citizens Association; small businessman for 21 years and served for 15 years as an Army officer, resigned in 1954.

Ethics: I feel that the executive order issued by the acting governor regarding state ethics governing state employes and elected officials should be given an opportunity and reviewed by the legislature after a reasonable time span.

Thomas A. Kelley, 28, of 7984 Riggs Rd., Adelphi, is a Republican. I was born and raised in Prince George's County. I graduated from the University of Maryland in College Park in 1973 with a degree in public administration. I was president of the college Republican Club, I was a College Republican 'Man of the Year' in 1972, Region 3, amd have been active in the Republican Party since then. I believe that the younger voters of the 22nd Legislative District need a delegate that can relate to their special needs and problems. As an elected Republican, I would be able to work closely with J. Glenn Beall and Larry Hogan.

Ethics: They are not stringent enough, which is reflected in the recent history of Maryland politics. I would attempt to modernize the political ethics laws to provide stiffer penalties and definite enforcement.

Thomas J. Mooney, 34, of 705 Elm Ave., Takoma Park, is a Democrat. I am an independent Democrat. In the primary I walked door-to-door to every Democratic household twice, in order to learn firsthand the problems in our district. I am a homeowner, married with two children. I attended the University of Pennsylvania, received a BA from Temple University in political science. I was student body president and chosen outstanding senior. I did my graduate work in government at Georgetown University. I am a former vice president of the National Student Association, businessman and executive director of Food For Life. Currently I am an instructor at Providence Hospital. I am a member of the National Political Science Honor Society, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Common Cause, 22nd District Democratic Club. I am president of St. Camillus Home School Association and vice president of the Langley Park Boys and Girls Club.

Ethics: No. I will work for full and timely disclosure of campaign finances: full reporting of all girls and donations by lobbyists, stronger limitations on contributions, an independent enforcement commission with strong powers and more comprehensive conflict of interest laws. Corruption must be rooted out of our state government in order to improve our sordid image. Ultimately, corruption hurts the average citizen.

Richard A. Palumbo, 39, of 3419 Stanford St., Hyattsville, is a Democrat. Palumbo has been a Prince Georgian since 1959. He is a practicing attorney. He was appointed to the Maryland Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeals Board by Acting Gov. Blair Lee. He graduated from the University of Maryland in 1963 and received his JD from the University of Baltimore in 1969. From 1969 to 1974, he served as assistant state's attorney for Prince George's County, and in 1974 was elected to the Democratic State Central Committee. He is a member of the Maryland State Attorneys Association, the American Bar Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, the National State Attorneys Association and the National Association of Criminal Lawyers.

Ethics: No. In an effort to restore public trust in elected officials there must be full disclosure of all elected officials. 23rd District Senate

Richard Anthony Blancato, 29, 3313 Belleview Ave., Cheverly, is a Republican.

Education: St. Mary's School, Landover Hills; Glenridge Junior High School; Prince George's Community College; University of Baltimore, majoring in criminal law. Experience: educational instructor in Prince George's County; counselor for the Department of Parks and Planning in Prince George's; U.S. marshal with Department Justice.

We are at a time in our government when strong leadership is essential to our very way of life. Our elected officlas must be able to put out 200 percent of their efforts, talents and creativities to bring about common sense changes in our government. I feel I have the capabilities and experience to bring about sensible changes without drastic measures. I feel strongly enough about these things that I have resigned my position at U.S. marshal to give my best shot at the state Senate.

Ethics: No, full disclosure of contributions and gifts must be considered essential for a more open and citizen-oriented government. The voters have both the right and the duty to keep themselves informed about their elected officials. Example: The present state senator in my own 23rd District has been accused of conflict of interest and challenged to full disclosure. Ethics laws are in themselves no panaces for honest representation, there is no substitute for informed citizenry.

Thomas Patrick O'Reilly, 40, of 7107 Lols La., Lanham, is a Democrat. He was born on Sept. 2, 1938, to George and Aileen O'Reilly. When he was quite young the family moved to their Mount Rainier home on 34th Street, where his parents still reside. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces, he was awarded a BS degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland under the GI Bill. He then went on to earn his law degree from the University of Maryland School of Law and has located his law firm in the town of Riverdale. O'Reilly and his wife, Barbara, have five children, are members of St. Mathias Catholics Church and make their home in Lanham. O'Reilly was the chief sponsor of a number of property tax relief bills in the state Senate. His work in this area won him two awards in 1978 from the Maryland Municipal League and from the Prince George's County Municipal Association.

Ethics: The current state ethics laws covering state employes and elected officials are not stringent enough and should be substantially revised in the area regarding such individuals representing clients before various state boards and commissions. I believe that, at the very least, absolute disclosure of all sources of income derived from such clients should be required. I would also support legislation setting up an ethics commission to oversee present ethics laws. House (Vote for 3)

Ann Bartash, 37, of 5818 Mentana St., New Carrollton, is a Republican. As future delegate from the 23rd District I realize my major job will be in listening, rather in promising; in results rather than activity. I well know this will require year-round accountability to local government, civic groups, community groups as well as individual citizens.

I am married, mother of six children, citizen of Prince George's County for 14 years and of New Carrollton for five years.

I am an educator, involved in many community, civic and school activities such as: Recreation Council of New Carrollton; Advisory Planning Committee of New Carrollton; treasurer, civic association; Band Parent member; vice president, Boosters Club for Eleanor Roosevelt Senior High School.

Ethics: Maryland has too many boards of ethics. The state must establish independent ethics commissions to monitor as well as enforce conflict of interest, financial disclosure, lobbying and campaign financing and disclosure laws. Regarding lobbying, financial disclosure and campaign contributions reports, the public record should include all but the most innocuous gifts.

David Bird, 32, of 3402 Laurel Ave., Cheverly, is a Democrat. Bird has a wife and two children. He is a graduate of Xavier University and Catholic University Law School. Before obtaining his law degree, he was a public high school teacher in Charles County and the District of Columbia. He is an experienced writer and government affairs consultant, having served with the parliamentarian of the House of Representatives and the Library of Congress. Since entering private practice as an attorney, he has specialized in family law and consumer affairs. He is also active in civic and art groups: Teachers' Union delegate; Mayor's Committee to Review Election Laws, Cheverly; St. Ambrose Parish Council, and Prince George's Choral Society. He is coauthor of Tax Reform Initiative by Marylanders (TRIM), the question on the November ballot to freeze the residential property tax in Prince George's County.

Ethics: No. Current rules in effect under executive order should be codified and strengthened to include strong penalties for unreported or excessive cobtributions by lobbyists. A preliminary report of campaign contributions should be required at least six weeks before an election. Also, strong penalties should be enacted against any legislator who sponsors or votes on bills that would directly benefit a corporation or business association in which that legislator has a major interest.

Frank B. Pesel Sr., 49, of 8311 Fremont Place, New Carrollton, is a Democrat. I was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1970 and reelected in 1974. For the past five years I have chaired one of the three House appropriations subcommittees which analyze and evaluate the state's operating and capital budgets. I represent the House of Delegates on the Legislative Advisory Council of the Southern Regional Education Board and direct the Maryland Education Board and direct the Maryland Education Seminars for key policymakers. I am an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University, Loyola College and VPI State University.

Ethics: No. Both the state ethics and financial disclosure laws need to be strengthened. The ethics law needs provisions controlling conflict of interest: as well as the appearance of impropriety. Financial disclosure should include copies of income tax returns.

Joseph [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Provencal, 57, of 5100 [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Place, Hyattsville, is a Republican. A resident of Prince George's County for 25 years.Married, two children, four grandchildren. Retired from the Bureau of Prisons and D.C. Department of Corrections. Voted Man of the Year twice by the Maryland State Baseball Association, past president of the Prince George's County Boys' and Girls' Club and Landover Hills Boys' and Girls' Club. Member: National Amateur Federation, J.V. Bennett Chapter Bureau of Prisons Retirement Club. Past Commander and life member of the Cheverly American Legion Post 108. Judge Advocate of Prince George's and Southern Maryland American Legion Coincil. Veteran World War II, member American Legion National Security Committee (Merchant Marines).

Ethics: Oversight of ethics in Maryland is fragmented. Establish independent commissions to monitor and enforce conflict of interest, financial disclosure and lobbying laws, to investigate questionable ethical practices and authority to subpoena witnesses and documents.

Robert S. Redding, 48, of 6604 Adrian St., New Carrollton, is a Democrat. A native of Prince George's County. Lived in New Carrollton for the past 18 years with wife Janet and five children. First elected to the House of Delegates from the 23rd District in 1970 and reelected in 1974. Received primary and secondary education in county public schools. Attended Prince George's Community College 1958-62, University of Maryland 1963-65, University of Maryland School of Law 1966-69. Now a practicing attorney with offices located in Upper Marlboro. Formerly a construction electrician and project manager with Local 26, IBEW and a Korean War veteran of the Marine Corps. Primary legislative interests at state level are budget, taxation, environment and conservation. Major concerns on the local level are property taxation, governance of bi-county agencies and the juvenile justice system. Past legislative service include membership on committees on appropriations, environmental matters, Program Open Space, investigations, corrections and law enforcement.

Ethics: No. It is imperative that there be full disclosure by all persons whose incomes are derived from tax funds as to anything of value received from anyone whose relationship with the state is such that some benefit may be expected for it. In addition, there must be full disclosure by all persons or organizations engaged in lobby activities detailing all expenditures, the beneficiaries of expenditures and salaries, fees and expenses of their agents. 24th District Senate

Edward T. Conroy, 49, of 12432 Shawmont La., Bowie, is a Democrat. Chairman of Senate Constitutional and Public Law Committee. Open meetings, lobbyist disclosure, the ethics in government bill and public information act were products of the 'Conroy' committee. Has fought for election reform, drug abuse and crime control, redistricting and court reform. Conroy and his wife, Mary, have two sons, Edward and Kevin. Member St. Pitts X Church in Bowie. Founder and first president of Belair CItizens' Association. He is a lawyer with offices in Upper Marlboro and Bowie. Helped get legislation to alleviate property tax burden on homeowners. Author of state consumer protection bill. Graduate of Fordham and Georgetown universities. Korean War veteran; won Silver Star, Bronze and two Purple Hearts. Named Outstanding Disabled American in [WORD ILLEGIBLE] .Twice received "The Outstanding Public Official in Maryland" award. Won "Encaenia" award from Fordham University and Distinguished Legal Profession Award from Georgetown University.

Ethics: No. This past session I chaired the committee that produced the ethics and conflicts of interest bill. The bill passed the Senate and died in the House. I would continue to support a comprehensive conflicts of interest and financial disclosure statute. House (Vote for 3)

Gerard F. Devlin, 45, of 2506 Kitmore La., Bowie, is a Democrat. Incumbent delegate, 1974-1978; sponsored two of the seven tax relief bills, 1978; cosponsored a third. One of three legislators given distinguished service awards, Maryland Municipal League, 1978; Distinguished Service Award, 1978, Maryland State Teachers Association; member, Ways and Means Committee, Joint Committee on Budget and Auditing. Attorney and instructor in political science and American history, Prince George's Community College; 15-year professional staffer on Capitol Hill; Maryland National Relations Officer, 1969-1972; "Outstanding Young Men of American," 1966; listed in "Who's Who in American Government," "Who's Who in American Law."

Ethics: No. I favor stronger legistlation requiring full disclosure of public officials' income from all sources. I am opposed to public officials receiving gifts of any value from lobbyists and persons doing business with the state.

Donald Bruce McBride, 54, of Glenn Dale, is a Republican. McBride strongly advocates reducing government size and costs as a practical basis for reducing taxes. With over 20 years as a management analyst in the federal government, he knows such improvements are possible. He was a senior specialist in organizing mid-range development plans for large federal agencies with complex operations and multimillion-dollar budgets. He is experienced in integrated planning, programming and budgeting systems, management by objective systems and program/evaluation/review techniques. He was an adjunct professor/instructor in national, state, local government, metropolitan administration and public policy at three local universities for nine years. He has been a sales, hiring and training manager in the publishing business for seven years. He is a researcher on governmental and social issues and an author. He was a USAF lieutenant colonel and president of several PTAs. He has an advanced degree and is working toward a PhD.

Ethics: Maryland ethics laws need to be strengthened. The Democratic-controlled Maryland House of Delegates defeated an ethics bill in the 1978 legislative session. But an ethics bill must be passed which will require legislators to disclose their business interests, bar gifts to legislators, set up a state ethics commission to prvent conflict of interest and require local governments to enact strong ethics laws requiring a high standard of conduct for all officials.

Jean Pitkin, 46, of 12005 Long Ridge La., Prince George's County, is a Democrat. I believe that the House of Delegates should be truly representative of the body politic. It should include women as well as men, non-lawyers as well as lawyers, the bakers and buyers of bread as well as the bread-winners. As a working mother of four, I believe I can bring the viewpoints and concerns of the average taxpaying citizen to the legislative process - a leaven too often lacking in the midst of legal expertise and special interest lobbying. Pitkin and husband, Joe, and four children have lived in Bowie for 16 1/2 years. A charter member of the Bowie Citizen's Association and the Bowie Citizen's Association and the Bowie Woman's Club, cofounder of the Brlair Cooperative Nursery and coorganizer of Bus Drive for Senior Citizens and the Handicapped. A director of Bowie Hospital, now president of the Auxiliary, she is member of National M.S. Society, director of Bowie Fine Arts Society, director of Bowie Fine Arts Society, member of the city's Cultural Arts Committee, volunteer in Glendale Hospital. Laurel Home for Children, Outreach, PTA officer, Boy and Girl Scout leader. Educated at University of Vermont.

Ethics: No. We need full disclosure, strict conflict of interest, strict prohibition on the acceptance of outside gifts and favors, favor-seekers put before our elected officials - incorporated into state law. Lawyer-legislators and other private business interests must avoid even the apperance of impropriety.

Charles J. Ryan, 41, of 3007 Bendix La., Bowie, is a Democrat. Member, House of Delegates, Appropriations Committee-Education subcommittee. 16-year resident of Bowie with wife Michele and two children. BS International Affairs, Georgetown University; master's urban affairs, University of Maryland; graduate International Marketing Institute, Harvard University; U.S. Department of State; doctoral candidate urban affairs, University of Maryland. Commissioned officer of U.S. Army. Special assistant to assistant secretary of commerce for International Labor Affairs; Bureau of International Affairs; Bureau of International Affairs Department of Labor, administrative director Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights; staff side Sen. Muskie; executive department liasion to Prince George's County. Instructor of political science Prince George's Community College. Elected Prince George's Community College. Elected Prince George's Democratic Committee 1970, reelected 1974; vice chairman Democratic Committee State of Maryland 1976-78. "Who's Who in American Government" 1974-78.

Ethics: Current ethics laws can be refined and improved. Upper staff level state employes as well as all elected officials should be required to file an annual disclosure statement and should be barred from voting or participating in public policy decisions involving any field in which the individual retains a vested interest.

Andrey E. Scott, 42, of 12100 Long Ridge La., Bowie, is a Republican.Presently, second term mayor of Bowie; previously served on City Council. Active on Board of Directors of COG, Maryland Municipal League and Prince George's Municipal Association. Chaired M.M.L. Tax Reform Committee, Tax Differential Committee and County Legislative Action Committee. One of three Maryland mayors listed in "Who's Who in Amercan Government." Past president Bowie Health Center and Bowie Woman's club. Elder, Presbyterian Church. Board of Directors, Therapeutic Nursery. Board of Directors, Boy Scout of America, Patuxent District. Board of Directors, Multiple Sclerosis Society. Received AB English, Tufts University; graduate work at Harvard University and Southern Conneticut, France, Japan and Maryland. Taught with Overseas Dependent School System. Married, husband John, four sons, Lawrence, Bryan, Kenneth and Edward.

Ethics: Must include commission with authority for oversight and enforcement.

Alan K. Virta, 27, of 8244 Canning Ter., Greenbelt, is a Republican. Virta is a lifelong county resident employed in the field of Amercan history at the Library of Congress, where he works with archives and manuscript collections. An active volunteer in local historical projects, he has edited the monthly newsletter of the Prince George's County Histrorical Society for the past four years and has served as a director of the society since 1977. Virta is a graduate of Du Val High School and the University of Maryland. In 1976, he was a delegate to the Republican National Convention, and from 1975-77 served as parliamentarian for the Prince George's County. Republican Central Committee. A member of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Virta is a homeowner in Greenbelt. He received the Outstanding Young Men of America award in 1978 and has received awards from Rotary, American Legion and other groups for his participation in civic affairs.

Ethics: No, Maryland's ethics laws are woefully inadequate. One of the General Assembly's greatest failures last winter was the failure to pass an ethics bill. Maryland needs a single, unified ethics commission. We need strict disclosure laws covering sources of income, liabilities and holdings in real estate, businesses, corporations and state and local bonds. And we must stop allowing lobbyists to give gifts to legislators and state officials. 25th District


Tommie Breadwater, 36, of 5611 Lanover Rd., Hyattsville, is a Democrat. Married with four children. Graduate of Fairmount Heights High School; attended Southeastern University. He is a professional bondsman and successful businessman. Broadwater serves on Budget and Taxation, Capital Budget, Tax Assessment and Budget and Audit committees. He was instrumental in elevating Morgan College to university status and increasing funding for Bowie State College. Helped get state funding for renovation of Fairmount Heights High School. He sposored legislation to protect security deposits and cosponsored property tax relief legislation. His drive and leadership are largely responsible for the appointment of black representatives on every major board and commission in Prince George's County and securing additional parks and recreation in Fairmount Heights, Highland Park, Maryland Park and North Englewood. Former Glenarden Town Councilman; member of Prince Geoge's Democratic Central Committee; cofounder and member of the Board of Directors of the Prince George's County. State Bank, the first minority-owned bank in Maryland.

Ethics: Our ethics laws are designed to permit the general public an opportunity to determine whether public officials make objective and prudent decisions about the expenditure of public funds. Our citizens are entitled to information which assists their decision making. Therefore, I would support stronger legislation to require that elected officials disclose any financial interest in firms doing business with the state. Similar provisions should apply to state employes with purchasing suthority. Such measures would enhance the public's confidence in its government.

Joseph M. Parker, 44, of 11701 Chantilly La., Mitchellville, is a Republican. Began teaching career 22 years ago in Prince George's County serving as a classroom teacher, coordinator of Operation REACH, a federally funded Title I project for disadvantaged youth; cofounder of Black Concerned Educators in Prince George's County, and school administrator for the past 14 years.

Appointed by county executive to chairmanship of Prince George's County Human Relations Fair Housing Commission. Chaired the Housing Panel in very first quasi-judicial hearings held by an administrative agency of couty government. Sought referral agency status for Commission with EEOC and HUD; named in 1969 by Citizens Board of Directors to be executive director of the Prince George's County Community Action Committee. He is currently vice chaiman of Prince George's County HRC and vice chairman of law Encorcement Panel of HRC.

Ethics: I don't believe the present laws are adequate. I support full public funding of elections to eliminate inequitable attraction and distribution of resources via "frudraising," special interest influence and the influence of the vested interest. I would propose the establishment of a "citizens' lobbyist" as a balance to the influence of the paid lobbyist. I would ask complete disclosure by all lobbyists of funds spent on issues and legislators, and by state employes and elected officials. House

(Vote for 3)

Lawrence L. Brooks, 60, of 708 59th Ave., Fairmount Heights, is a Republican. Born in Fairmount Heights. Served one year in the U.S. Navy and was honorably discharged in 1945. Is a lifelong resident of Prince George's County. Has a wife, four children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Is a member of the Republican Central Committee and presently serving as a councilman in Fairmount Heights. Was appointed to a full term as the first black commissioner of the WSSC and served one year as the first and only black chairman of that group. Was mayour of Fairmount Heights for six years and a council member for eight years. With the U.S. Department of State for 31 1/2, had top secret clearance and received the Meritorious Honour Award.

Ethics: The executive order issued by the acting governor in regards to state ethics for state employes and elected officials seems to be adequate. However, after a reasonable time they should be reviewed by the legislature and strengtheded where needed.

Nathaniel Exum, 38, of 5611 Landover Rd., Hyattsville, is a Democrat. I believe that my service to the citizens of the 25th District and to the state over the last four years qualifies me to be reelected to a seat in the House of Delegates.I have fulfilled my campaign pledge to bring to the citizens of the 25th District, honest government, responsive government and responsible government. I have a record of service and involvement in my community and in the state.

Since my election in 1975, I have introduced and helped to pass bills of interest to consumers and taxpayers. Some of those bills control control interest rate levied by loan companies; set standards for home improvement agreements; require holders of credit accounts to inform buyers of total finance charges assessed each year; eliminate the polygraph test or similar test as a condition of employment, and increase loan rates levied by life insurance companies so that small policy holders gain greater dividends.

Ethics: I support revision of state and local ethics laws to prohibit any solicitation or receipt of funds by or on behalf of any public official, elected or appointed, which solicitation is not otherwise covered by the Fair Campaign Practices Act, with the exception of bona fide testimonials for those retiring from an elected or appointed position.

Francis J. Santangelo Sr., 59, of 5611 Landover Rd., Hyattsville, is a Democrat. Served as member of House of Delegates for two terms, 1965-70 and 1974-78. Served in U.S. Army. Graduate LUTC; occupation, general insurance broker and president of Santangelo Enterprises Inc. Serves on Economic Matters Committee, chairman of Home Improvements Subcommittee, vice chairman of Law Enforcement Committee, sSubcommittee on Labor and Management, chairman of the Bladensburg Marina Task Force, cochairmanof Peace Cross Coordinating Committee and Subcommittee on School Construction Fund. Named "Outstanding State Official of 1970" by Maryland Municipal League. Civic activities: president of Kentland Neighborhood Improvement Committee Inc., member of Community Development Advisory Committee and many other groups. Secured funds for rehabilitation of Fairmont Senior High School. $3.5 million for George Palmer Highway, Bladensburg Road and Landover Road. $1.5 million for Kentland and Seabrook Storm Drain. $250,000 for Palmer Park Community Center.

Ethics: Yes, the current state ethics laws are stringent enough at present. However, I believe the incoming legislators should set up a nonpartisan study committee of elected and nonelected persons to conduct a comprehensive and meaningful study of this entire question.

Sylvania W. Woods Jr., 24, of 7816 Fiske Ave., Glenarden, is a Democrat. I completed the UNiversity of Maryland with a degree in business administration. I am a Democratic precinct chairman. I'm the youngest person ever elected to the Glenarden Town Council. I'm serving my second term on the council. I'm presently chairman of the council. I've been vice chairman of the council and acting mayor of the Town of Glenarden. I'm a member of the Democratic National Convention in 1976. I also serve on various civic committees including the Advisory Committee to the Block Grant in the Town of Glenarden and the Land Purchasing Agency in the Town of Glenarden. I'm a former assistant Scout Master and Scout Master in the Town of Glenarden. I'm a member of the Trustee Board of the Upper Room Baptist Church in Washington. And I'm a member of the National Eagle Scout Association.

Ethics: I believe that they are stringent enough, but I believe that state employes and elected officials are not monitored closely enough, especially the employes. 26th District


B.W.Mike Donovan, 58, of 7112 Mason St., District Heights, is a Democrat. Candidate for state Senate is a logical extension of my 12 years of service in the House of Delegates where I have been the assistant majority leader for the past seven years. A native Marylander born in Baltimore City and a 20-year resident of Prince George's County.

Ethics: The laws have been undergoing constant changes for the last several years and it would be my view to woek with what we have to see if they are adequate. House

(Vote for 3)

Dennis C. Donaldson, 40, of 7405 Kipling Pkwy., District Heights, is a Democrat. I consider myself a people person and I base my political philosophy on that concept. I've been a resident of the county since 1947, and I reside in District Heights with my wife, Jerry, and three teen-age children, Patti, Cliff and Pete. Currently recreation director City of District Heights. Former president and vice president of the District Heights' Boys and Hirls Club. Currently a member of the board of directors for the Boys and Girls Club and the recreation council with the city. I have been a volunteer coach working with boys and girls for the past 21 years. I serve as an official of the International Tupographical Union (Mailers Local No.29). Was previously a member of the Metropolitan Police Department till 1973 when I was forced to retire due to an injury in the line of duty. I graduated from Suitland High School and in my present position I act as coordinator for groups from pre-school age through senior citizens programs.

Ethics: Because this is an extremely complex priblem, I would like to study it carefully before recommending exact solutions. I am inclined to believe these laws need to be strengthened.

Joseph Arnold Finlayson Jr., 45, of 1861 Addison Rd. South, District Heights, is a Republican. I'm an attorney and I have lived in Prince George's County since 1968. I am past president of the Millford-Waterford Civic Association(1970) and have been chairman of the Prince George's County Landlord-Tenant Commission since 1974; I've been on the commission since 1973. Also general couselor of Prince George's County NAACP since 1975. Listed in "Who's Who Among Black Americans" and "Who's Who in America," Eastern volume. Graduated from Alfred University, Alfred, N.Y., in 1959 with degree in chemical engineering. Graduated from University of Baltimore Law School in 1969 with JD; admitted to practice in Maryland in 1970. Have been a general practitioner since 1971; prior to that was attorney for Western Electric co. Also general counsel, 1970-71, for Interacial Council of Business Opportunities in Washington, D.C. Am attorney for town of North Brentwood, Md. Have successfully represented a number of clients in civil rights suits in Maryland, most notably the enforcing of public accommodations in Ocean City.

Ethics: I feel that the laws as they presently exist are stringent enough. Enforcement of the present law is crucial to have honest government officials represent the state. The law itself right now is a pretty tough law. In the immediate past, there has been a diligent enforcement of the law as evidenced by the conviction of Marvin Mandel and other government officials. Government officials should be honest and candid with their constituency.

(No picture available)

Lorraine M. Sheehan, 41, of 42 Herrington Dr., Largo, is a Democrat. First elected in 1974 after working as an aide with the General Assembly. Has served on the House Judiciary Committee, the Joint Committee on Rape and Related Offenses, Task Force on Pupil Transportation, the Humane Practices Commission, the County Affairs Subcommittee of the delegation and has chaired the Special Committee on the School Construction Program. Member of the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Prince George's County, the League of Women Voters, the Women's Political Caucus, as well as her children's PTAs. Recently appointed to the board of the Greater Southeast Community Center for the Aging. Currently vice chairman of the [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Ways and Means Committee, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] legislative committee to review the funding of vocational and technical education and the committee studying the financing of local health care services.

Ethics: The present ethics law inadequately addresses the conduct of elected officials and executive officers. I support a more comprehensive statute governing conflicts of interest, providing for pertinent financial disclosures and disqualifying legislators from voting where there is a conflict of interest.

Simpson, 52, of 6618 Lacona St., District Heights, is a Republican. Resided in the 26th legislative district (District Heights-Suitland) since 1958. Graduate of University of North Carolina - BA in economics and political science, and American University Law School - JD. Admitted to the bar in Maryland, D.C. and the U.S. Supreme Court. Worked on Capitol Hill for 24 years (1951-1975) as legislative and sadministrative assistant to members of Congress. Lt. Colonel, U.S. Air Force Reserve. Married three daughters. Member of Mt. Calvary Church.

Ethics: No. I favor establishing a statutory board of ethics to administer and surpervise stronger laws dealing with: conflicts of interest, gift taking, outside employment of persons which is related in any way to their public office, requirements for financial disclosure and lobbyists.

Francis W. White, 56, of 33 Thurston Dr., Largo, is a Democrat. A registered professional engineer and construction consultant. University of Maryland engineering graduate in 1951, a Prince Georgian Of 33 years now residing in the Largo area. County Councilman of eight years, presently serving as chariman; former mayor and city councilmanfor eight years and recipient of the P.G. Municipal Association "Outstanding Municipal Official" award in 1970; five years a membr of the Board of Directors of Metro, serving as chairman of the Regional Transportation Planning Board; Prince George's County's representative on the Maryland Association of Counties legislative committee, and a member of the National Association of Counties enviroment and energy committee. Honored for legislative activity by the VFW, Cerebral Palsy Association, American Civil Engineers and United Way for fund drive efforts. A member of the Lions, Moose, American Legion and past Commander of DAV.

Ethics: I do not believe the current state ethics laws governing state employes and elected officials are stringent enough. I would support a prohibition against state legislators representing as agent or attorney any business or corporate interest having dealings with the state. Further state employes who make approval decisions on licenses, permits, etc., should file full financial disclosure information. 27th District


Peter A. Bozick, 53, of 5606 Lansing Dr., Camp Springs, is a Democrat. I have a background in civic affairs in Prince George's County for more than 30 years. I served in the capacity as a commissioner and chairman of the WSSC. I have been a member of the Loveless Commission that helps set up guidelines for a charter government. Member of the first Community Goals Committee. I think it's incumbent on an individual to serve and is willing to serve.

Ethics: We passed a more stringent ethics law in the Senate that eventually failed in this legislative session. I believe that we should be addressing ourselves to the conflicts of interest position that many legislators inadvertently may find themselves. House

(Vote for 3)

Charles S. Blumenthal, 54, of 519 Barrymore Dr., Oxon Hill, is a Democrat. He lives with his wife, the former Rosa Lee Walters, in Oxon Hill. They have four children, 11 grandchildren. He was educated in the public school system and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His education was interrupted by World War II in which he served in combat with the Army paratroops in Europe. He has served for eight years, four years as chairman of the Prince George's and Montgomery Bi-County delegation, the Joint Senate-House Capital Budget Committee, a member of the House Appropriations Committee and the subcommittees on State Service, School Construction and County Affairs. Some of this major achievements have been the enactment of the Veterans' Cementery Act, Property Tax Relief Act and the Professional Services Reform Act. He has received the "Veteran Legislator of the Year" award and awards from Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Fraternal Order of Police, John Hanson Society, Lions and Kiwanis.

Ethics: I believe in the public's "right to know." We must require complete financial disclosure. Lawyers should no longer be shielded from conflict of interest disclosures. They should be required to reveal any clients who have a special interest in state or local governments.

Gloria C. Colbert, 54, of 7500 Greer Dr., Oxon Hill, is a Republican. Lobbied at both the state and local levels regarding human rights issues; 14 years of volunteer service; served on many boards and committees (Prince George's Goals Committee, board member of Prince George's Mental Health Assiciation, past president of Fellowship for Equal Rights). Interested in housing and zoning. Have worked to keep Prince George's County fully integrated and stop the creation of slum ghettos. In every instance of involvement in an issue or problem, I am certain that I made considerable impact as the voice of conscience and reason. I am certain that my presence made a difference, and I am convinced that this same approach to problem-solving can work for me as a legislator.

Ethics: Yes. I feel so at this time. No new laws are needed until the current enforcement procedures are implemtnted and evaluated as to their effectiveness. The Assembly wastes many hours and valuable tax dollars introducing new ethics bills each session before the old bills are tried. Provisions regarding enforcement of current ethics laws should be strictly adhered to.

Richard Iannucci, 48, of 8015 Carey Branch Dr., Oxon Hill, is a Republican. Resident of Prince George's County and the 27th Legislative District for 20 years; BA. government and politics, and MEd. University of Maryland; New York state native; married to Ruth M. Iannucci for 27 years, who is currently president of the Oxon Hill Homemakers Club; father of one son, 26, and two daughters, 22 and 15; attends Grace Brethren Church, Temple Hill; retired U.S. Air Force officer with 27 years active duty; employed in private sector past three years; experienced in hospital and business administration, budget, automatic data processing, and materials management; active in civic affairs and a member of several professional, business and social organizations; knowledgeable in county and state affairs; concerned about property tax relief, inflation, education, senior citizens, the handicapped, a two-party system and really cares about people.

Ethics: The current state ethics laws governing state employes and elected officials are not stringent enough. I would like to see the ethics legislation that was allowed to "die" in the House of Delegates passed to restrict conflict of interest of state legislators, tighten up the laws to require lobbyists to make public disclosures of their activities and expenses, and require complete financial disclosure of all assets and income.

Frank J. Komenda, 43, of 6192 Oxon Hill Rd., Oxon Hill, is a Democrat. I am a 35-year resident of Prince George's County and am presently the owner of a retail hardware store.The perspective provided as a lifelong resident and small businessman is of value as a member of the General Assembly.I was educated in Peince George's County public schools and have a degree in business administration from the George Washington University. I have been active in community and civic affairs. I was elected to the House of Delegated in 1974 and presently serve on the Economic Matters Committee, the Joint Personnel Policy Committee and the Medical Malpractice Insurance Subcommittee. I am the chairman of the State Highway Committee for Prince George's County and the vice chairman of the Bi-County Committee.

Ethics: No. I would support the establishment of a State Ethics Commission, a clarification of conflict of interest and a requirement for more detailed financial disclosure. Further, I would support legislation which prohibits the use of public office for private gain, regulates acceptance of gifts by public officials and increases penalties for violations.

Frederick Charles Rummage, 47, of 6300 George Washington Dr., Camp Springs, is a Democrat. I was first elected to the House of Delegates in 1966. I have served on four of the six major committees, namely, Ways and Means, Constitution and Administrative Law, Judiciary, and was vice chairman of the Economic Matters Committee for four years. During the past four years, I was chairman of the 24-membe Prince George's County delegation. I have sponsored and cosponsored many bills enacted into law into laws in such areas as energy, consumer protection, criminal law, insurance, tax reform, utility regulation, labor and many local and bi-county measures. Many times I have been called upon to get major bills out of committee by the leadership, such as capital punishment, child abuse, child neglect, distribution of marital property, drivers license reform and rape reform. My education includes s license reform and rape reform. My education includes a BS in education, JD, and a special agent certificate from the Army Intelligence Center, formerly in Fort Holabird, Baltimore. I reside with my wife and two children in Camp Springs.

Ethics: No. We need a comprehensive conflicts of interest and ethics bill similar to the one passed by the Senate last session. The bill came to the House so late that time precluded its passage.I also favor a state ethics commission to implemtnt and enforce this type of legislation. 28th District


Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., 35, of 6502 Horseshoe Rd., Clinton, is a Democrat. Miller is a native of Clinton. An alumnus of the 1960 Surrattsville High School graduating class, he graduated from the University of Maryland and the University of Maryland School of Law. In 1970, after having served for three years as general counsel to the Prince George's legislative delegation, Miller was elected to the Maryland State Senate, representing both Prince George's and Charles counties. In the Senate, Miller serves on both the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and the Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review Committee. Miller also serves on the Governor's Commission revising the domestic relations laws and was recently appointed to the Maryland Historic Trust. A practicing attorney, Miller is active in numerous social, civic and fraternal organizations and attends St.John's Church in Clinton with his wife, Patty, and their five children.

Ethics: The current state ethics laws, if administered and enforced properly, could be effective in overseeing the woek of state officials and state employes. I pledge to see that these laws are administered correctly and uniformly. I further pledge to support any needed new administrative rules, regulations or directives designed to encourage proper administration of our present laws as well as to improve the image of our stale.

Ray Velasquex, 52, of 12305 Asbury Dr., Fort Washington, is a Republican. I am an attorney by profission with an office at the Iverson Mall, Hillcrest Heights. I attended New York University and the Baltimore University School of Law. I am a member of the American, District of Columbia and the State of Maryland bar associations. I was past president of the Hillcrest Marlow Heights Citizens Association. Presently I am a member of the Tantallon South Home Owners Association, the Regional Council Prince George's United Way, the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation of Prince George's County, the Board of Directors of the Clinton Christian School, the PTA at Potomac Landing Elementary School and Eugene Burroughs Junior High School, the Fort Washington Baptist Church and was the first chairman of the Landlord Tenant Commission for Prince George's County. I am better qualified than my opponent because when I am elected I will ne working for all the people instead of working for special individuals and groups as my opponent is doing.

Ethics: I don't believe they need any changes. I believe they should be enforced against everyone who is covered by this particular ethics law. Because lack of enforcement in the past is what brought about the corruption in the Mandel administration. House

(Vote for 3)

William P. Crandell, 56, of 13308 Harrison Ave., Fort Washington, is a Republican. I am a native of southern Maryland and a lifelong resident. I was a pilot in the Air Force during World War II. In 1953, I graduated from the George Washington University Law School and hold a JD degree. During most of my career as a government attorney, I was involved in the development of regulations and legislation goberning our air transportation system. I was the legal advisor to the U.S. delegation during the negotiations with numerous foreign countries which resulted in the existing international air treaties. I retired in 1977, and am now vice president of the M.G. Crandell Realty Co. I am past president and member of the board of the Fort Washington Forest Community Association and a delegate to the Congress of Southern Prince George's County Civic Associations. I am a vestryman in the Episcopal Church and a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Ethics: No. I would broaden the coverage and tighten the restrictions on the current conflict of interest laws; enact financial disclosure laws applicable to elected officials and to government employes in policy making positions; prohibit elected officials and state employes in policy making positions from accepting any gifts; expand the limitation on outside employment by government employes; expand the restrictions on disclosure of confidential information by government employes and enact similar legislation applicable to elected officials.

Ella E. Ennis, 38, of 712 Calvert La., Fort Washibgton, is a Republican.Staff member and committee reporter for the minority leaders, Maryland House of Delegates, 1976, 1977 and 1978 sesseions. Legislative liasion between Prince George's County executive and the legislature, 1973-74. Administrative assistant for Prince George's County Executive William Gullett, 1971-74. Member of Planning and Zoning Committee, Fort Washington Estates Citizens' Association; member, Southern Prince George's Business and Professional Women's Club; Member, Prince George's League of Women Voters; president, Southern Prince George's Republican Club, 1974-76; president, Surratts Republican Club, 1974-76: member, Prince George's Citizens for Charter, 1970; member, Prince George's Action Coalition; Volunteer, Pro-Metro, 1968; married, one saughter; member, St.Mary's Catholic Church. Piscataway.

Ethics: The current ethics laws are not effective. I support statutory consolidation of all ethics provisions under one board. The ethics provisions should apply to all elected and appointed state and bi-county officials and employes of the executive andlegislative branches. The ethics board should be referred to special prosecutor for action. The laws should include mandatory filing of conflict of interest statements by legislators.

William R. McCaffrey, 43, of 12405 Lytton Ave., Brandywine, is a Democrat. Member of House of Delegates since 1975, served three years on House Environmental Matters Committee, presently serve on the House Jusiciary Committee, A.E.L.R.. Committee, Tri-County Council, Tri-County Parks Committee and County Affairs Committee. Chairman, Prince George's County Parks Study Committee; secretary, Legislative Study Group. Chaired House subcommittees on Health Cost Review Commission, Radiologists and Pathologists and Forestry. Graduated from Anacostia Senior High School, attended Southeastern University and Penn State University. Past president of several PTAs, social and civic clubs. Member of Elks, Moose, American Legion, P.B.W.A.A. and Surratts Society. Worked with handicapped programs. Have trafeled every mile of the 28th Legislative District listening to people. Accessible and responsive to the peiple of the 28th. Has worked at various levels in both labor and management.

Ethics: We should codify the executive order issued by the chief executive in 1978.

James G. Paner, 49, of 11317 Marlee Ave., Clinton, is a Republican. Panor resides in Clinton with his wife Pat and sons Jimmy and George. Graduate Wilson Teachers College; master's degree, Frostburg State College. Having served on superintendent's staff, public schools, Prince George's County for 16 years, is experienced and well informed in local and state issues. Has an imdepth knowledge of all major county agencies and state planning procedures. Through some of his responsibility to the school system, he participates in reviewing county master plans, soning, sewer authorizations, and the annual capital improvement program. Panor is president, Surratsville Junior High School PTA;past president, Crestview Elementary PtA; chaplain, Prince George's County Council American Legion; chaplain, Clinton American Legion Post 259; liaison, VFW. Voice of Democracy Program; member VFW Post 9619 and Crestview Citizens Association. Attends church with his family at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral and is a member of St. Theodore Greek Orthodox Church in Clinton.

Ethics: The current state ethics laws are not stringent enough and display a lack of positive action on the part of incumbent legislators at a time when corruption in Maryland government has reached a point of embarrassment and discontent. Joint Committee on Ethics should apply regulations restricting elected officials and state employes from any amount of financial gain or receiving any form of valuables from individuals that do business with the state or lobby organizations.

Joseph F. Vallario Jr., 41, of 8116 Rosaryville Rd, Upper Marlboro, is a Democrat. Vallario has been a member of the House of Delegates since 1975, and is a practicing attorney in Prince George's County. He is a member of the Judiciary Committee and the Law Enforcement Committee. He is a former president of the Prince George's County Criminal Trial Lawyers Association and a member of the Maryland and American bar associations. He was an active member of Painters Local 1773. He is a graduate of Mount Vernon School of Law (University of Baltimore) and has been admitted to practice before all of the local and major bar associations.

Ethics: No. Full disclosure of all income and assets should be required for all elected officials and high-income public employes. In order to restore and maintain the public trust, it is imperative that public officials hide nothing.

John W. Wolfgang, 51, of 12334 Hatton Point Rd., Oxon Hill, is a Democrat. I am presently completing my second term as a member of the state legislature. For the past two sessions, I have been chairman of the House Committee on Economic Matters, a member of the Legislative Policy Committee and the House Rules Committee. I am a practicing attorney in Clinton and have been so engaged for 23 years. I graduated from Anacostia High School, have a BA from the University of Maryland and a JD from American University. Prior to legislative service I served a six-year term as a trustee on the Prince George's County Library Board. I am a veteran of World War II, a member of the American Legion, the Masonic Order, Lions Club and my civic association. I have been married for 28 years and have two sons, Marc and Kurt.

Ethics: No. I have supported the changes in the laws that were proposed in the 1978 session of the General Assembly, which failed to pass because of the lack of time.