"What is your opinion of the city's new civilian parking control aides who were hired to help enforce the District's parking laws?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Joel Richardson went to the Dupont Circle area to ask citizens their views.

Dick Bendy, 35, Ellicot City, Md: "It's good and bad, I'm a salesman and I'm constantly looking for a place to park, so it's good that it will get rid of the people who park illegally. But diplomats seem to have most of the cars you see parked illegally and they are immune to parking laws anyway."

Marguerite Mackowiak, 22, Burke, Va: "I think it's ridiculous. I've gotten $50 worth of parking tickets in the last couple weeks and I used to be able to get away with it. Parking is so expensive - you pay $4 a day and parking tickets are $5. I used to average two tickets a month. This week I've gotten one every day."

Bill Peterson, 22, 41st Street and Davis Place NW: "It makes a lot of sense because it doesn't take much intelligence to figure if a car is parked illegally and to write a ticket. Why should we hire someone who's gone through formal training to become a police officer just to write our tickets, when they can be protecting life and limb?"

Cherrie Lyles, 19, 37th Street and Ridge road SE: "I think it's bad. My father got one (a parking ticket) yesterday. You can walk anywhere, so you should be able to park anywhere. That's why they have streets."

James Everett, 30, 6th and D streets NE: "I think it's a good idea because I don't think the residential parking ban has been effective because it hasn't enforced. We pay $5 a year for stickers and it wasn't making much of a difference."

Myron Maye, 22, 11th and Lamont streets NW: "I guess it's a good idea. It's giving some more people jobs."

Harry Johnson, 24, 10th and N streets NW: "It's a good idea because there are too many people violating the parking laws, like double parking or parking at times they shouldn't. They should give me a uniform and let me give tickets in my neighborhood."