Last July 28, Prince George's County Circuit Court Judge William H. McCullough sentenced Raymond C. Lubetski, who had been convicted of murdering his mother, to life in prison.But he suspended all but three years of the term.

The reason: Lubetski, 24, has an IQ of 74, according to testimony, and McCullough said he "didn't have the heart" to send him to the state prison, saying he would be subject to constant sexual attacks.

Instead, McCullough recommended that Lubetski be housed at the county detention center in Upper Marlboro and placed in a work-release program during the daytime.

Yesterday McCullough learned that his well-intentioned sentence had failed. Lubetski's attorney, Joseph A. DePaul, in asking for a reconsideration of the sentence, told the judge that Lubeiski had not been enrolled in a work-released program but had been placed in deadlock (isolation) by prison officials for his own protection from sexual assault.

DePaul asked McCullough to suspend the remainder of the sentence, saying Lubetski had already spent 20 months in jail and "cannot protect himself from sexual attack." The judge took the request under advisement.

It was unclear to lawyers and the judge why Lubetski had not been placed in a work-release program, and Judge McCullough said he would try to find the answer in the next few days.