Tanzanian Bishop Joseph Kibira, president of the worldwide Lutheran World Federation (LWF), has called for the removal of Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith "by an means."

Addressing the ninth general convention of the American Lutheran Church (ALC), Bishop Kibira said that "some control - military if necessary had organized by the United Nations - could be of use at this time in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) and Namibia."

He added that "an action that would end Ian Smith's rule in Zimbabwe would be in order because, being a self-established ruler, removing him from his office by an means is no interference in Zimbabwean internal matters at all."

Bishop Kibira said there is a "blockade" that prevents South Africa's leaders from listening to "any constructive proposals and plans" that might change the system of apartheid.

"That is why we suggest full-scale opposition to such dangerous policies maintained by such deaf fellows," he said.

Bishop Kibira said the role of the LWF in Africa should be "the very difficult task of enabling the churches there to be self-reliant by giving them aid without subjecting them to unnecessary humiliation and by convincing their governments to work for a just economic order."

"Africa will never be self-reliant, unless richer nations stop sucking its blood," he declared.