Republican Frank Wolf, running against Rep. Joseph L. Fisher (D) in Northern Virginia's 10th District congressional race, last night accused Fisher of telling some voters one thing and others another.

Holding above his head a Fisher campaign flier. Wolf, appearing at an Arlington debate, said Fisher mentioned his opposition to Interstate 66 inside the Beltway in his maling to Arlington voters, but failed to give his position on I-66 in the mailing he sent Fairfax voters, who generally have supported the highway.

Fisher said I-66 "is of much more concern in Arlington than it is in Fairfax." He said the newsletters were tailored to the special interests of each area of the 10th District, which encompasses northern Fairfax Count, Fairfax City, Falls Church, Arlington and Loundoun County.

Speaking before about 100 people gathered in the Taylor Elementary School, Wolf pledged that, if elected, he will avoid sending "isolated piecers of mailings" to his constituents.

Fisher said he was frustrated with the campaign being waged by Wolfe. "The thing that hurts a little bit is he is using this kind of thing to insinuate I'm being deceityful, but I'm not."

The two-term incumbent said he had seen the phrase "eschew obfuscation" on a bumper sticker. Turning to Wolfe, he said, "Eschew obfuscation."

The audience of mostly Fisher supporters laughed and applauded.