The woman accused of running a prostitution-oriented telephone referral bank that dispatched women to customers' hotel rooms and offices yesterday was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Alexandria to 30 days in jail and placed on two year's probation.

Phyllis Darlene Paige, 29, pleaded guilty last month to one count of interstate racketeering in connection with her employment by massage parlor operator Michael Louis Parrish. Paige acknowledged then to U.S. District Court Judge Albert V. Bryan Jr. that on Feb. 27, 1977, she had sent a staying at the Washington Hilton Hotel, in the District.

Paige is the third person since September to plead guilty to interstate racketeering in connection with the massage parlor operation and receive a sentence from Judge Bryan. Clyde Ballard (Skip) Stovall, a top Parrish lieuitenant, and Gary Marion Van Ryzin, a key Parrish aide, each received four months in prison.

(All had faced up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Paige's attorney, Christopher Speed, told Byran yesterday that Paige had originally applied for a job as a massuese, but was employed as the manager of the outcall service because of her skill at accounting. Her crime was a "very technical violation" of the federal antiracketeering law that Paige "was not aware" she was violating, Speed said.

A federal grand jury conducted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Henry Hudson has been investigating the Parrish operation for the past 18 months.