Mary Jane Truman, 89, sister of the late President Harry S. Truman and a frequent visitor at the White House and the Blair House when her brother was Chief Executive, died yesterday at her home in Grandview, Mo.

She had been in and out of hospitals periodically since undergoing a gall bladder operation in 1960. She had been injured in a number of falls and was hospitalized last December after suffering a stroke.

Miss Truman was the last of her immediate close-knit family, which included two brothers, Harry, who died in 1972, and Vivan, a farmer, who died in 1965.

"I have two very nice brothers," she liked to emphasize when asked about her brother, Harry. She was particularly proud that she had outranked him in the hierarchy of the Order of the Eastern Star.

They joined the OES together as charter members of the chapter at Grandview in 1913. President Truman became grand patron of the chapter. Miss Truman, however, went on to become grand matron of the entire state of Missouri.

She lived in a small, brick home in Grandview near the Truman Corners Shopping Center, which is on the site that once was the Truman family farm.