A story in yesterday's Washington Post about a shooting during a dice game incorrectly said that Michael Adams was arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill. It should have identified Gregory Adams, of 4108 Gault Pl., NE, as the person charged.

An argument over a $2 bet in a crap game turned into a shootout that left three men wounded and one Northeast Washington neighborhood wondering what it would take to end what some residents call a continuing reign of senselessness.

Every Friday night for many years now, the talk becomes louder, the dice are thrown harder, and the liquor flows more freely as gambling games held along the 4200 block of Edson Street NE move into the early hours of Saturday morning.

"You can hear them up and down the block talking, "I'll blow you away. Wait till I go get my gun,'" said Rose Lyons, who lives on the street near one of the gambling flats. "I guess this morning somebody actually did," she said.

Coincidently, as neighbors stood on their front lawns yesterday pondering a trail of blood that stretched nearly the length of the sidewalk, a doubled-decked Marion Barry campaign bus, candidate inside and escorted by a car with a blaring loudspeaker, moved slowly along Edson Street NE.

Hanging onto the bus as if it were a San Francisco cable car, Barry occasionally bounded to the streets, pressing flesh while passing pamphlets promising to strengthen the city's neighborhoods.

"We could use some help around this area," said Cynthia Johnson, a Labor Department employe who lives on Edson Street.

"The gamblers, the numbers and dope. He (Barry) seems to be the kind of person that could help. I hear he's had dealing with these kinds of things before," she said.

The neighborhood where Johnson and Lyons live is made up of dozens of brick buildings, most of which are divided into four rental units each.However, within the past three years, several of them have been turned into homes and painted bright yellow and tan. They stand in dark contrast to the rundown buildings where the area's tenants live.

The gripe of the homeowners is that the displaced tenants keep returning to their old neighborhood to congregate with the tenants who remain.

"It wouldn't be so hard if they did something other than gamble," said Ira Washington, who has lived on the street for 20 years. He says he has watched the card tables set up along the street during the summer, then move back indoors when the weather get cold.

"It's become somewhat better since more homeowners came in, but they still give them parties and end up shooting and stabbing each other to death. It's the most foolish thing," he said.

According to police, it was 3 a.m. Saturday when an argument between five men shooting dice around 4210 Edson St. NE erupted into a fist fight between Melvin Garvey, 60, of 4230 Edson St., NE and Michael Adams, 28, of 7764 Burnside Rd., Palmer Park.

Garvey, known by neighborhood resident as a tough person who commands the respect of younger street gang members, was shot four times in the head by Adams, police said.

Leroy Dorsey, 32, of 4424 G St., SW, was shot in the foot when he tried to disarm Adams, and somehow, Gregory Adams, Michael Adams' younger brother, was shot in the chin during the fray, police said.

"We're still trying to has this whole thing out," said Det. Sgt. Raymond Dyer of the 6th District police station. "The possibility of criss-cross firings hasn't been established yet. It doesn'tseem like he (Adams) would shoot his own brother, unless he was shooting at someone else and missed."

Although he had four bullets in his head, Garvey had to be subdued by police to get him into an ambulance. When he arrived at D.C. General Hospital, another battle ensued with police and medical attendants, police said. Garvey was later listed in stable condition.

Michael Adams was arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill.