A federal grand jury here has indicated Dr. Sammye A. Belcher and an aide of hers on charges that they conspired to illegally distribute the pain-killing drug Dilaudid by selling prescriptions for patients she did not see or examine properly.

The 51-year-old Belcher, who was fined $5,000 in 1973 for failing to maintain proper records concerning the heroin substitute methadone, was charged with 31 counts of illegally distributing a total of 1,280 Dilaudid pills. The drug is sometimes called "hospital heroin" because it is given surgery patients as a postoperative pain killer.

Belcher's aide, Ernest L.Raysor, 29, of 5320 Rock Creek Church Rd. NW, was charged with conspiracy and 26 distribution counts.

The indictment returned last Friday alleged that Raysor altered medical records in Belcher's office at 1417 Shepherd St. NW "to make it appear that prescriptions were being issued in the usual course of professional medical practice and, additionally,to screen patients and to accept and distribute prescriptions."

Belcher signed the prescriptions "for patients she did not see or that she did not examine in a proper professional manner," the indictment charged. Raysor allegedly sold the Dilaudid prescriptions, and he and Belcher split the money, the indictment charged.