"Are you satisfied with Metro's farecard system?" Staff writer Carol Krucoff and photographer Craig Herndon went to the Dupont Circle Metro station to ask subway riders their views. J.B. Bleckley, 38, of 6th and G streets SE: "I think they're just horrible. They ought to give some people jobs making change. The machines are always breaking down, and I hate machines." Lizzy Echegaray, 19, of 22nd and P streets NW: "Yes, I am satisfied. I use the subway only once every two weeks or so, and I think it's a pretty good system. It's worked fine for me." Charles Elliot, 48, Rhodes Island and South Dakota avenues NE: "Two or three machines are broken here at this stop. Quite often you'll leave in the evenings, tired after a day's work, and you'll have to stand in line because two or three machines don't work." Betty Rios, 36, Alexandria: "Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. You have to stand in line a lot of the time because there is only one working." Jude Franco, 21, of 17th Street and Columbia Road NW: "When the machines work, it's fine, but every time you come down there are two or three out of order. I like the concept of Metro very much as an efficient way of public transportation, but the problem comes when the machines aren't working, especially at the end of the day when there's a line of about 30 people waiting to get out." Laurette Henley, 53, Michigan and South Dakota avenues NE: "When they first built the subway I said I'd never get on it - but I love it. I use it so seldom, but I really enjoy it and I'm satisfied with the way it operates." David Nevin, 51, Columbia Road and Connecticut Avenue NW: "Yes, I'm satisfied it works. The machines have never failed to function properly, and I take Metro a good bit.