A former Washington Teamsters union official recently indicted by a Baltimore federal grand jury was sued yesterday by the union local he once headed, which seeks an accounting for any money and property other than his salary that he received while union president. The complaint accuses Frank DeBrouse - charged in the federal indictment with labor-management racketeering, tax evasion and extortion - with taking money intended for union dues from workers who were never added to the union's rolls, and taking thousands of dollars in lieu of vacation for himself and other union officers and employes without proper authorization.

According to the complaints filed in U.S. District Court in Baltimore, DeBrouse also "converted to his own use or to the use of others certain files, records, electronic equipment and other property owned by Local 639," including a citizens band radio.

DeBrouse could not be reached for comment.

DeBrouse, 46, was defeated as the local's president in June 1977 by a dissident group headed by Daniel George. Local 639 is the area's largest Teamster local and represents approximately 7,000 workers.

He was indicted Oct. 30 and accused of receiving at least $200,000 in gifts from businesses that wanted to ensure labor peace and hold down labor costs. DeBrouse is expected to be arraigned in Baltimore today on that indictment.

The civil suit against DeBrouse was filed by Local 639 and two of its members, who are also full-time employes of the union local.

The suit lists the same charges made in the indictment as part of its accusations against DeBrouse and adds to them.For instance, in the federal indictment, DeBrouse is charged with having accepted $145,000 in labor and material for his home in Anne Arundel County from Excavation Construction Inc.

The civil action takes note of that accusation and adds another - that DeBrouse conspired with Excavation Construction to collect dues from Excavation Construction employes working on widening the Capital Beltway, but never passed the money on to the union or made the highway workers union members.

Besides an accounting, the suit asks that DeBrouse be required to pay the local a sum equal to any unlawful compensation he may have received in addition to his salary while serving as the local's president from 1968 to 1977.